Looking for feedback before I finalize my build. 1200 Budget

This will be my first build and I've meticulously chosen the parts after reading countless articles and looking at benchmarks, but I feel that even then a lot of you guys have done this for a lot longer and understand things that aren't apparent tot he naked eye when it come to this so I would like to get some feedback befor ei buy these parts.

This PC is going to be for everything I'm in college. I game a lot (mostly raid on WoW but lets says i spend atleast 20-25 hours of my week sitting in front of the computer), writing papers, lelectronic music production as a hobby with a friend, photoshop, and I browse the internet usually with over 50+ tabs open, as well as use itunes.

So I came up with this.

My budget is 1200 and I am at about 1085 so i have 115 of breathing room, any suggestions for better components

I considered i7 2600k but i think the i5 2500k should be enough but you tell me. Thanks for Help/Advice all of it is greatly appreciated
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  1. Any reason why xfx 750 modular would not work for your power supply? It gets a very good review at jonny guru and is currently on a much better sale (99.99 with mail in rebate, shipping is slightly higher though).

    If you have a nearby bestbuy the antec 902 is listed as 119.99. I recently got it for 99.99 from them on sale and they may still be at that price in some local stores. They also send out those 10% coupons through email that you could use on it.
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  3. ^ The XFX 750W is a good option IMO, also saves some money,...

    RAM - If buying within tonight, then this RAM
    $15 off w/ promo code EMCKJKF22, ends 1/10

    CASE - The 900 is good no doubt, but check this one -
    NZXT Tempest EVO - A very good alternative to the 900, has 6 stock fans, all black interiors,...
    Or even these cases are very good

    And maybe with the money left and saved with these cases, you can get a SSD for boot
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