New I7-950 built. Please show me real good motherboard for that

I'm building a new pc. I already bought I7-950 and Corsair 8gb XMS3. I need your advice for good motherboard and video card.
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  1. ^ For what will you be using the PC for ??
    As for the mobo,
    ASUS Sabertooth X58
    ASUS P6X58D-E

    Graphic card would depend on the usage of the PC and your monitor resolution,...
  2. Im going to use pc for software programming, animation and for games,but im not a hardcore gamer.
  3. ^ What is your monitor's resolution ?
    You can get either the ATI HD 68xx GPUs or Nvidia GTX 460 1GB or GTX 470,...
    Nvidia cards if the apps that you use, take advantage of CUDA, else any would do,...
    Also what is the RAM configuration 8GB - 2x 4GB or 4x 2GB ?
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