Safe temps for Nvidia Geforce 8800GT? (In your experience?)

Nvidia website says it can be safe to 100C or something, but I was getting pretty nervous when Furmark got to 90C.

It's attached to an accelero S2 ( The Furmark temps scared me, so I put an exhaust fan under those (, close to the base. And that only leaves the bottom PCI slot to put my sliding-rail fan in (, pointed at the end of the card. So I think it has some good airflow (50C idle, 76C load on Furmark), but I'm wondering if both of the fans are needed, and if the sliding fan has enough intake to be effective. (I have a nice 550W PSU, so I'm not too worried about that, but how much does it cost to operate additional slot fans, in terms of electricity usage?) Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. id say getting over 85 is too hot. but what you see in furmark will never be what you see in game. 90 in furmark is probably ok. use msy afterburner to log temps and play the games you normally play and go by those temps.
  2. Furmark has long been referred to as a heat virus by both ATi and Nvidia, with decent coolers on the temps probably won't get much above 65c when gaming.
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