Here are the parts I chose for my first build, any problems?

Basically I'm looking to build a powerful machine, maybe around 2000$, and after looking around this is what I decided to get. Can anyone check if everything is compatible and if this will be something that will last me for a while?

CPU + Video Card:
CPU Cooler:
Power Supply:
Hard Drive:
DVD Burner:
Case :

For mouse and keyboard I'll go directly in the store to check something I find comfortable. Please feel free to tell me any comments you might have!
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  1. ^ What will the PC be used for ?
    And do list the names along with the links so it would be easy for us to know what you have come up with,...
  2. Other than an i5-2500k and p67 motherboard will be cheaper and faster, looks nice.
  3. ^Agree, with the savings you could go for a better graphics card if your going to use the PC for gaming, or just save the money.

    If you do decide to go for i5 2500k, and p67 motherboard, don't forget you will need to change the ram to duel channel sets.
  4. You should change your video card to this one,] . From what I have read it is a better card. Just my opinion though :wahoo:
  5. If your going to spend more on a graphics card, go for a 6950, otherwise stay with your current option.

    But yeah, you will benefit if you go with i5 2500k
  6. I've looked a bit a checked the benchmark betweek the i7-950 and the i5-2500k and it's true that the i5 looks extremely nice and a bit better, so I'm thinking of going with this one.
    Other than that would it work if I just changed the CPU? The motherboard I've chosen (ASUS Rampage 3) is something that I'd like to keep. Basically my questions are:
    1- Just changing from the i7-950 to the i5-2500k won't bring any compatibility issues?
    2- By changing this, does the RAM needs to be changed to duel channel sets or that's something that require the p67 motherboard? (that I won't get)
    The computer will be used for gaming mostly and I want it to be able to last me a good while before I need to change anything on it.
    Thank you all for answering my questions!
  7. The i7-950 takes a different socket than the i5-2500k so you will need a different motherboard that is LGA 1155. And yes, you need to purchase dual channel RAM.
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    Looks good. Enjoy :)
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