Raven RV02 and RV03 Comparisons?

Hey guys,
I did some searching the other day and came across Silverstone's new Raven RV03 case; I currently own the RV02 (not the RV02-E) and am very pleased with it.

I tried to find some comparisons with between the cooling ability of the 02 and 03, but to no avail. Does anyone know of any of these types of comparisons?
I'm getting my 3rd GTX 470 soon (ordered; should ship in a few days) and I am going to liquid cooling if the RV03 doesn't cool significantly better than the RV02.

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  1. RV03 hasn't been out long enough to have reviews yet. Actually, it's technically not even available yet in the US. Wait a couple weeks for reviews to come out.
  2. I didn't realize it was that new. Most of the articles I had found were dated for a year from around this time, so I figured it had been released by now.
  3. The RV03 I believe has some hidden liquid cooling potential locked inside it that not many have noticed. Technically, it's possible to fit in an 8~9 fan internal liquid cooling system within its innards. Pretty amazing IMO.

    (3 on the bottom fan area, One on the main CPU exhaust, one on the back fan mount, four in the front bay area with a teeny bit of modding)

    The cooling I believe may have a difference because of all the new fan openings in the case (back, front, right side), and the fact that one 180mm fan is offset to cool the drive bays. Depth is also shrunk over the RV02, if that's any incentive.
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