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Hello, My ADSL modem seems too slow, DS 1.07Mbps. I disconnect the line then reconnect the line. The speed improves, DS 2.13Mbps. I check again later and speed is down to 1.07 again. Question: does the number of devices connected to the ADSL Moden/Router effect the speed (even if the other devices are not actually using the internet) ? ?
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  1. It's possibly a line problem. Is the modem connected to the master socket (the first one in from the street ? Are filters in place on all phones etc.

    The number of non-active computers attached should not affect speed.
  2. That's a good answer. The number of computers does not affect the line speed. Thank you. Now I can look elsewhere for an answer to this phenomenum.
    If it was a line problem; the speed would not improve every time I disconnect and then reconnect the line - isn't that logical?
    Could it be to do with something about "Cache" at the ISP's server; i.e. when I disconnect, the cache empties then when I reconnect there is plenty of cache memory?
    My contract with the ISP, (Slingshot), is on a plan called "Swift"; (they do not offer this plan now) and promises a maximum speed of 2Mbps. We have contracted to upgrade to a plan offering 'Full Speed' on 28th June 2010 and this may affect the phenomenum.
    I am using two line speed tests: 1, the Dynalink's (RTA1025W) Status ADSL line report which shows a DS line rate of 2464Kbps when first connected and 1184Kbps some time later: and 2, Slingshot Internet speed test which shows 2.13Mbps when first connected then 1.02Mbps later.
    Any further thoughts please?
  3. P.S. The line speed is probably limited by the copper wire 2 kilometres long between the exchange and our house.
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