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Adsl modem slow down

Last response: in Networking
June 19, 2010 4:57:39 AM

Hello, My ADSL modem seems too slow, DS 1.07Mbps. I disconnect the line then reconnect the line. The speed improves, DS 2.13Mbps. I check again later and speed is down to 1.07 again. Question: does the number of devices connected to the ADSL Moden/Router effect the speed (even if the other devices are not actually using the internet) ? ?

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June 19, 2010 7:01:43 AM

It's possibly a line problem. Is the modem connected to the master socket (the first one in from the street ? Are filters in place on all phones etc.

The number of non-active computers attached should not affect speed.
June 20, 2010 12:56:45 AM

That's a good answer. The number of computers does not affect the line speed. Thank you. Now I can look elsewhere for an answer to this phenomenum.
If it was a line problem; the speed would not improve every time I disconnect and then reconnect the line - isn't that logical?
Could it be to do with something about "Cache" at the ISP's server; i.e. when I disconnect, the cache empties then when I reconnect there is plenty of cache memory?
My contract with the ISP, (Slingshot), is on a plan called "Swift"; (they do not offer this plan now) and promises a maximum speed of 2Mbps. We have contracted to upgrade to a plan offering 'Full Speed' on 28th June 2010 and this may affect the phenomenum.
I am using two line speed tests: 1, the Dynalink's (RTA1025W) Status ADSL line report which shows a DS line rate of 2464Kbps when first connected and 1184Kbps some time later: and 2, Slingshot Internet speed test which shows 2.13Mbps when first connected then 1.02Mbps later.
Any further thoughts please?
June 20, 2010 1:02:00 AM

P.S. The line speed is probably limited by the copper wire 2 kilometres long between the exchange and our house.