Plan on getting new power supply slimline , PLEASE ANSWER

Hello to the person who will answer this. I have a question concerning the replacement of my power supply. As stated in the title, it is a slimline pc and i know that i need to get a slimline size power supply. My only question comes from seeing a youtube video where there were 3 power supply's lined up one after the other. They were all the same height, along with width, although there lengths were different. Is this a problem when getting one or not? My other question comes in the form of , do i have to worry about these getting too hot and somehow hurting the system, such as overheating? I hope these are not issues and hope i may go ahead and do this.

By the way, i want to get a 300watt psu and once again, it;s length is short compared to my current and this is what concerns me?

Thanks for answer and much appreciated
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  1. What system do you have? There are many different form factors for PSUs in slimline cases, some take a standard ATX unit and put it on its side, others use microATX units, some use TFX units which are really long and skinny.
  2. I think he has a HP Pavilion Slimline s3713w w/ the standard 160W PSU.
  3. Either of the two that WR2 posted look like they will fit and handle it fine

    @WR2, i thought you were psychic for a minute, then i realized you just cheated and pulled the info out of his only other thread.
  4. @ hunter315, do you have a preference between the two?

    I'm leaning toward the FSP. 300W @ 25C 270W @ 50C And I think I trust FSP a bit more. (and it's less expensive)
    I always wonder what the 'real' ratings are when I can't see a data plate.
    Managed to find a load table for the other one, looks like single digit ratings on both of its 12V rails giving it 18A at most versus the 20.6@50C for the FSP so i would opt for the FSP too.
  6. @ hunter315, Good find.
    And I agree - looks like the FSP has more +12V power. And it's less expensive to boot.

    @ bestplayer;
    Check the size to make sure its the same same size: 5.9" long x 3.15" wide x 1.57" high
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