Can not start new PC need ATX 12V 2X4 have 20 +2x2

can not start new PC need ATX 12V 2X4 I have 20 +2x2 and extra 2x2 are black and yellow manual of my Gigabyte motherboard is telling me that I need ATX2x4 extra power connector for my CPU (i7) to go into mobo next to CPU.....
I try to connect 2x2 and nothing.... do I need to get extension that goes on main 4 pin power cable and on other side will have 2x4 12 v ??? My power supply is 550 .
Please help with details if you can
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  1. If I undestand your post you have a 4 pin CPU power lead on your power supply but have an 8 pin socket for CPU power on your motherboard, is that right?
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    I found this cable on newegg. You maybe able to find this cable locally. It takes a 4 pin MOLEX and the 4 pin CPU power cable on one end and gives you an 8 pin CPU power plug for your CPU power on the motherboard. If you were trying to power your CPU on just 4 pins this could be (Prbably is) the reason your PC wouldn't start. Not enough juice to the CPU
    Hope this helps
  3. that cable looks like exactly what I need!! Thankss so much!!!! Just not sure if I can find it in local Best buy.....hate to wait 3 days for them to deliver. Any idea where locally i can find this cable?? [...] -_-Product
  4. Do you have a fry's or a decent local PC shop near you.
  5. I found a Memory but MB was broken!
    So it solved!
    Thank you all for your help
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