Motherboard failiure? need some advice...

Hi all. Thanks in advance for your help! my pc specs are at the bottom of this post.

basically my situation is this. I bought a computer off a friend of mine who had it running stable for 6+ months. i reinstalled windows and all was going well for a few weeks.

then, monday morning, while i was playing battlefield 3, the computer just switched off. no blue screen, just off.

went to reboot and... nothing. fans twitched and that was all that happened. cleaned out dust, checked all connections etc, everything was secure.

tried removing all unneccesary cards/peripherals, still same twitch.

did some reading on the net, and worked out that it is probably either the psu or mobo. so i tested the psu's voltages, everything was within acceptable tolerances. checked for shortages, none found.

so what do you guys think the issue could be? id have to say the mobo, but thought i would ask here first, before i shell out for a new one.

specs are this:
MOBO: DFI lanparty x58 t3eh6
CPU: intel core i7 920
RAM: 6x 2gb corsair ddr3 1600mhz ram
GPU: his 1gb radeon hd4870
PSU: coolermaster 650 watt
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  1. Sounds like your PSU.
  2. Even though all the voltages were right when i tested it?

    ok... I might grab a new one and see if this is the issue.
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