I want to build a gaming pc

I need a new motherboard that has ddr3 ram and at least 2 pci x16 slots and i want to get an intel 2 duo core e8600 with a 9800 gt 512 mb ddr3 can anyone reccomend me a good motherboard and tell me if that is a good enough gaming rig. my price range for the motherboard is 175 to 250 thanks
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  1. I would not pair a chip that uses the FSB with DDR3 ram. It's rather pointless. And why are you worried about getting two PCIe 16x slots if your using something as slow as the 9800GT? I think you need to work on your build some.
  2. Indeed, Intel e8600 is old tech and overly expensive.
    For 250 I would get:
    Rana 450 - $80
    Mushkin 1333 CL9 RAM - $40
    AMD Motherboard with 8/8 XFire capability, something like a 790 or 890

    That will be in your price range. The downside is you cannot use two Nvidia cards in the build, but with a 9800 I would be loking to upgrade the card in the near future anyway, probably to a 6850.

    But if you really wanted to SLI 9800 cards you could always buy an Nvidia chipset AMD board
  3. For gaming, spend your budget first on a great graphics card. Unless you are planning on a 2560 x 1600 monitor, or three identical monitors fur surround gaming, then a single card will be as good as it gets. If you will be gaming at 1080P(1920 x 1080), then look for something like a GTX570 or similar if it can fit your budget.

    True, a strong duo like the E8600 will drive such a card decently, but I would do that only if you get one very cheaply, certainly not new. Much better to get a i5-540, or wait for the sandy bridge 2100 on feb 20 at $120 or so. If your cpu budget is $225, you can't go wrong with a sandy bridge 2500K.

    Type of ram, ram speeds, or timings are largely irrelevant to actual performance or FPS. Do not be seduced by outstanding synthetic benchmarks, they are largely irrelevant to real performance. Quantity of ram does count. Get at least 4gb.

    On motherboards, realize that performance is almost entirely determined by the cpu chip. Get a motherboard that has the features that you need, and two X16 pci-e slots are probably not necessary for a gaming rig. In fact, look at Matx boards, and even M-ITX boards which will be cheaper. Very expensive motherboards are for enthusiasts who want to do record seeking overclocks, not what you need for gaming.
  4. @ geofelt i know little to nothing about computers... first question: is the gtx 570 equal or better than a gtx 480 because those are the 2 cards i like.. question 2 what is the best i5 processor for gaming out of all that you mentioned. My budget for cpu is 250 to 300 and my computer case is way to small to fit a gtx 570 because they are too big .. what is a good case(tower) that is large enough to fit a new motherboard and gtx 480 or 570 thanks
  5. 1) The GTX570 is comparable in performance to the GTX480. The advantage is that it will run cooler and quieter. It will run everything well at 1080P. Past the GTX570, you get diminishing returns on performance per dollar.

    2) At $200 or so, I would get the Intel 2500K and a P67 based motherboard. It will run the strongest graphics configuration in any game well. No real need for the 2600K.

    3) The GTX570 is 10.5" long, and requires a 550w psu with 38a on the 12v rails, and two 6 pin pci-e connectors. The Corsair 550VX would be a good example:

    4) What case do you have now? Most cases will not be a problem. The Antec illusion would be a good conservative pick:
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