New memory, new problems, power supply culprit?

Hi everyone,

I just installed some new RAM today and have been having strange problems ever since.

For starters, the computer would not even boot to the BIOS screen with the new sticks installed. After a couple of hours and almost giving up, I tried booting with one intake fan and one hard drive unplugged from the power supply and it actually booted into windows!?!

Now it's to the point where it doesn't matter what I have plugged in. If I restart or shut down the system from Windows it will not boot. I can only get to the BIOS screen or to windows after I have shut the power supply off with the back switch, and then turned it back on. I have also gotten some Bad Checksum errors on shutdown and startup (but not every time)

If I get into the BIOS and try to access anything with the RAM voltage/frequency it completely locks up.

Could this be a power supply issue or does it sound like something else?

Here are my specs:

ASUS M4A77TD board
AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
ANTEC Earthwatts 500W power supply
Patriot i5 Viper II 4GB PC12800 DDR3 (OLD RAM, works fine)
Corsair Memory Vengeance 16GB DDR3 CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 (NEW RAM)

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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    Sounds like either bad RAM, incompatible RAM, or a configuration problem.

    RAM pulls surprisingly little power, so I doubt if it is a PSU problem.
  2. You're right. I was finally able to get into the RAM section of the BIOS without it locking up on me and change some settings in the configuration.

    Set the CPU-NB Frequency to 2400MHz and now running stable at 1600 (9-9-9-24).
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