Upgrading from an AMD 2800+ Help!!!

This is what I'm thinking so far.

This case is really getting some great press on it.

A big fan of Seagate because the 4 I have right now in this current build are 12yrs old and 8 years old and I've never had a single problem with them

Nvidia fan because I've never had one fail on me as to my 4 experiences to ATI I have had 4 Fail their batting a 0.0 Average.

Would love to keep it modular to help make my Case pretty and my 8 year old thermaltake is still rock solid but I do like this Corsair

OCZ has always been my goto for ram but I really don't have a pref.

I've always build other peoples PC's with Asus the build I am using now is an Epox and yup like the rest of this Dino it's been Rock Solid from day one.

I've always been an AMD fanboy but the have really fallen off lately and I can't wait for Bulldozer to hit.

Win Xp Mode is the only reason this isn't Home edition.

Budget: $1300 give or take $50

Monitor Res: 1360 x 768

Uses for PC are from Most to Least: Gaming, Surfing the Net, Music Editing (Sound Card will come when income tax get here)
I don't plan on OCing yet but I would like to keep the options available.

And I swear to never let my PC fall this far behind again my god I feel like I've never built a pc now that I've been out of the game for so long. Suggestions are Very Very Welcome.

PS: if you know of any special on anything listed above or something better (explanation of what makes it better is welcome) than above please let me know.
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  1. ^ What will you be using the PC for ? Also what is your monitor's resolution ??
  2. Updated Sorry I forgot that. Thanks for the reminder.
  3. ^ Why NO ATI ? You should know that a lot has changed in those 4 years, ATI's products from their HD 38xx series is a hit and the current 6xxx series, you can say is the best that has come out of ATI,...
    And I would highly suggest you change your monitor, for such low resolution, the hardware that you are going to purchase will be an overkill,...
    With few modifications to your current list, you can easily get a very good 1080p monitor in your budget,...
  4. Yeah I have been thinking of a new Monitor because I'm playing on my TV right now a 32 inch at that resolution everything is HUGE. I think new monitor will come in April or May so I can put back money and get something big.
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    ^ Hmm,...

    Then here is a build,...
    CPU + Mobo combo with Free Game

    Video Card -
    Get the 1GB version, though for your resolution, wont matter, but when upgrading to higher resolution would be better,...

    RAM - Dont get 3 RAM sticks, they are better suited for the i7 9xx CPUs which have Tri-Channel memory controllers, always go with 2 or 4 RAM sticks for CPU which have Dual-Channel controllers,...
    Or if you want more RAM, then get 2x 4GB sticks, check this PSU + RAM combo, for GTX 460 SLI, this 650W would easily provide enough power,...

    CASE - The Phantom is very good, but you should know that you do get very good Mid Tower cases which are also very good for a lot less, which will get the job done...
  6. With those Recommendations I shave off enough to get an SSD which I really wanted
  7. Or I could even get a monitor But I'd like to grab something bigger than an 80 gb SSD and I'd like to get a bigger than 23 inch screen in the future. Not right now. Right now I just want and need a NEW PC after 8 years this thing is starting to show it's age.
  8. Personally I would sooner spend the money on a 22-24 inch 1920 x 1080 monitor rather than an SSD. SSDs are a nice bonus, but is something I consider when everything else is sorted
  9. Still anyone else with suggestions on the Build? 'm going to pull the Trigger by Friday.
  10. Nope, gkay got there long before me, if he has posted a build there is very little to add to the suggestion box. He knows what he's talking about.
  11. ok then on to discussing Monitors I want somethning that will compare to my 32 inch TV size so I was going to save for a 27-32 inch monitor that's why I said I'd probably go with a SSD. Plus Music editing on a SSD is much nicer from what I've been told. Haven't gotten to use it yet and of course after I build the PC I'll go around buying quieter case fans getting filters for all the fans (I'm a neat freak on the inside of my case(how else do people think a 900 rig from 8 years ago still runs like a champ)).
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  13. ^ How about this 25" monitor for $225
    $25 coupon code: LOGICBUY25
    But its your call,...
  14. gkay09 said:
    ^ How about this 25" monitor for $225
    $25 coupon code: LOGICBUY25
    But its your call,...

    I just bought this monitor a couple of months ago. I absolutely love it. The only thing about it is it has the shiny screen. My PC is in a fairly dark room, and I think the shiny screen makes this monitor look incredible. But if your are going to be in a room with a lot of light or Windows, I would consider something else.
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