Cannot connect to interent, wired or wireless

i have a pavilliion dv6000t, intel cpu laptop...anyhow...i look at the device manager , under intel pro 100, and 3945 intel does not say device is running properly.....i have this stated-

windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. the driver may be corrupted or missing (code 39)

there are exclamation points besides everything in the networking adapter in device manager

what might be the problem it the drivers for the 2 devices?

it does not connect to interent, wired or wireless
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    I'd start with the HP site and download the driver pack for this computer. You may find newer drivers at the Intel site.
  2. i got the wired working, recovery manager did it...and the wireless switch is working,,now i have to get 3945 or intel pro wireless working, ..i cannot connect to a wireless network,,,and when i connect , it shows other good thing, intel pro 100 and 3945 card are working properly in the device manager,,,it was not before...
  3. had the wireless switch off...dummy me,,,,now i have networks
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