AMD X2 4200 or Core 2 Duo 6750

My cousins machine is getting kind of dated and Im looking to give him a little performance boost in Rift. He has a X2 4200 with 3 gig of ram and a 7800 gs geforce AGP card. I have a E6750 core 2 duo and a agp board that will support it but it only has two ram slots . Do you think that using the same video card and dropping from 3 gig to 2 gig of ram he would see much difference or do you think the thing holding him back there is more the video card than the cpu. Thanks
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  1. The E6750 is surely a superior processor compared to the X2 4200.. However, upgrading processor alone is not going to fetch any benefits.. A new video card (pci express and not AGP) is absolutely necessary to increase the gaming experience..
  2. Ok so .. I have an old mobo and cpu , an asus with a Pentium D 805 OC'd to 3.33 gig. Its pci express and I could put a GTS 250 in that board. Do you think the 805 oc'd like that is as good as the X2 4200 and of course the card would be a decent upgrade. Would it be a decent enough performance difference tho
  3. Going to the GTS 250 would be the big difference
    as far as CPUs they should roughly be the same in performance with the edge
    going to the x2 4200
    but with having the GTS 250 it would blow away the 7800gs agp
  4. Thanks Guys
  5. ? the e6750 is far better than the pentium d or athlon, so why not use it? ou mentioned it had AGP? AGP on a core 2 duo board? i dont think so. get the core 2 duo cpu and swap it with the pentium d if the core 2 motherboard really has an agp slot (as far as i know that should not be the case)
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