ATI Crossfire question, please help :)

I currently have one....

my question is since i can't xfire the above card with the below card ( 4670+5770)

Would i be better off xfire the card i already have with another one, or replace my card now with the ati 5770 listed above. I have been hunting benchmarks and haven't really been able to compare the two.

P.S I play many fps games and wow and atm have to set them to either medium or high to hold 40-60 fps. I have dual monitors and run everything at 1900x1200.
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  1. In the chart linked below, the 5770 is shown as 5 tiers above the 4670. Therefore, the difference in performance will be significant.

    So go with the 5770, and don't bother with xfire.
  2. yea that is what i was thinkin and its not that expensive... plus it will be another 2 months before i buy anything so the price should go down some more.
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