Motherboard doesnt see graphic card

I have an Asus motherboard P5Gc-MX/1333 and I purchased a graphic card Asus ENGTX460 DirectCU, but the motherboard doesn't see the card. I took it out completely twice so far and plugged it in. The fan is working, but I can't see my card in windows. The computer runs now on 'onboard VGA' card
thank you in advance
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  1. Do you have another graphics card to try in the slot? If so, does it work???
  2. you have plugged in the extra power conector for the graphics card? go into BIOS and set init display to PCIE slot rather than onboard. Also, if you can, entirely disable onboard graphics in BIOS.
  3. ^^^that too...forgot about that
  4. 1. Did you have another GFX card before that ?
    2. Did you uninstall the drivers before removing that card ?
    3. Were you using on board GFX before ?
    4. Did you go into BIOS and turn that off ?
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