Crashing on multiple monitors

Hey there guys,

Recently I purchased this laptop:

and it's been working perfectly fine.

But it seems to have issues when playing certain games when running on multiple monitors.

The graphics card is a Geforce GTS 360M with the latest drivers.

Anyway onto the problem.

I have the laptop connected to a Samsung T220HD with HDMI and set that as the main screen while the laptop screen as secondary.

When I play certain games on this setup (X3 Terran Conflict or Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic) the laptop instantly shuts down after 5 - 10 minutes in the game, upon booting up I get the Windows 7 boot up selection (Windows has shut down unexpectedly, start up in safe mode, safe mode with networking, normally, etc). The laptop boots up normally and everything's fine.

Now when I play these games on just the laptop's screen, the games don't cause any shutdown or crashing.

That's pretty much the entire problem; what's causing the crashing on a HDMI multiple monitor setup?

If anyone can provide any help it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well you are stressing the graphics a lot more, causing more heat. nVidia cards are notoriously bad for heat related issues so I reckon that's likely to be the problem.
  2. I kind of doubt it's an overheating issue as Team Fortress 2 and Left for Dead 2 don't crash my laptop when it's connected to the Samsung monitor (laptop screen both on or off). And if it's an issue with older games (Star Wars) a heavily modded Morrowind doesn't cause any crashing either.
  3. Well what do you think? It can't be drivers because nVidia drivers are perfection, obviously.

    Being serious, when pc's shut down after a certain period of gaming time, it's normally due to overheating. And you are stressing it a lot more by running 2 screens.

    You could try running furmark or some other intense graphic benchmark like 3d Mark Vantage just to make sure (with just the laptop screen I mean). If it's fine with that, you can safely say it's not heat stress.
  4. well i have tried the games i mentioned on just the laptop screen and they work perfectly (star wars kotor and X3 did not crash).
    and i suppose i failed to write it properly but i am only running these games on one screen only, not both, meaning one monitor (the samsung) is displaying the game while the other (the laptop) is on desktop.
    i have tried testing all games while only one monitor is on at a single time and it seems that only some games crash while i run the game off an external monitor (samsung) rather than crashing on the laptop screen only (disconnected from the samsung).

    i'll try running a benchmark later on.
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