Over 4,000,000 errors reported by Memtest86


I've recently build a system with HD video editing in mind. My sytem spec is:

Intel Core i7 980 Six Core 3.33GHz
24GB (6x4GB) DDR3 1600MHz CAS 9 XMP Triple Channel Corsair Memory Vengeance Black
Gigabyte G1. Sniper x58 Socket 1366
Windows 7 Ultimate
OCZ Vertex 3 (OS Drive)

System is running very unstable. Getting a lot of "not responding" on all software installed. Yesterday night I run Memtest 86+ find out if RAM is not faulty.

It's still runnng, it's on Test 9 and have returned over 4 million errors so far and still counting. As I'm writting this, is getting close to 5 million errors and I'm not expecting it to stop here either.

If anybody have come across anything like that I would be very thankfull for any kind of advice.

I did a lot of reading about that. There is a number of possibilities:

1. RAM is faulty
2. RAM is not compatible with motherboard.
3. Mother Board is damaged
4. CPU is faulty.

I'll wait for test to finish, regardless how long is going to take to see which memory stickes are potentialy faulty and move them around and test individual ones.
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  1. You'll have to test each stick one at a time to find out which ones are bad. Then rma the ram to corsair or your vender.
  2. Is it possible that voltage on RAM is unsifucient for it's correct operation? Also can that be connected with applications running in Win 7 getting unresponsive?
  3. You can check your ram voltage in the bios hardware monitor section or with asus monitoring software. If it's off by alot, then you can change the voltage manually, but with that many errors, it's probably a bad stick. You can easily run with 3 sticks for awhile while you send in the bad one. Your ram probably has a lifetime warranty from corsair.
  4. What should be the correct voltage on RAM? Where can I find this information? What course of action would you recommend now?

    Should I stop MemTes it's over 7mln errors as we speak and check which memory sticks are faulty or should I wait for it to ends.

    Will faulty RAM be responsible for errors I'm getting in Win7?

    You also mentioned I can run on 3 sticks? I've 6x4GB so I would have 5 left if one is faulty?
  5. The recommended ram voltage will be on the ram label, or google the ram model number or use newegg.com. If newegg carries it, it will list the voltage and timings. I don't adjust the timings manually, but some folks will. Normally, the motherboard will detect the best timings it can run the ram at. If all the sticks are the same, then I use the board's timings. You may stop the memtest at any time. And yes, faulty ram can cause problems with windows 7. Normally at some point, it may give you a memory address with a bluescreen. If only one stick is bad, send it in and use 3 sticks for awhile in the correct slots for tripple channel mode. 12 gb is plenty for any application..
  6. Highly recommend you follow oldie's advice of checking ram one module at a time to determine if it is a ram module or a ram slot that is defective. You can start by using 3 in the correct slot set of 3 slots, then try the other three in the same slots. Refer to manual for which slots to use when using 3 modules. If one set does not work THEN go to the single module/single slot to find the specific module.

    1. Your "Vengeance" series Ram is probably 1.5 volt 1600 CL9 Ram (Looking at newegg).
    2. Unless you have changed the bios to run at 1600, You are probably running at the DDR 3 Spec which is 1333. This is OK until you can identify which stick is defective (or Slot). To run @ 1600 you nornmally have to do either (A) Select in bios to run Ram in XMP mode using profile 1 or (B) Set the voltage and timimgs manually.

    3. You are running memtest86 from a Boot CD, not under windows - correct??
    Prior to Installing windows, Memtest should ALWAYS be run to verify NO memory errors. Memory errors can result in a corrupted windows installation (and corrupted program installs) that can present a host of different problems. Once you have sorted out your memory error problems, I HIGHLY recommend that you re-install windows 7 and programs.

    If Both sets of 3 x 4 ram modules run with out errors in both Goup a and group b slots. The problem may be that the 6 x 4 modules is loading down the Dram voltage and you may need to bump the Dram voltage up slightly (ie Try 1.525V). In an older (E6400 system) when running max memory I had to up two other voltages (Very slightly (0.05 V) to get the Ram stable.

    Once you have sorted out memory, and reloaded windows, befor loading programs, I recommend using Prime95 to test stability (Better memory/cpu test in windows than Memtest86).

    To verify Ram is running at the Correct timings and in triple channel mode, down load CPU-z and select the memory tab at the top. (The SPD tab will show ALL modes that are stored on the module).
  7. andromeda23 said:
    What should be the correct voltage on RAM? Where can I find this information? What course of action would you recommend now?

    It's on the box / sticker. Is this it ?


    says "Only qualified 1.5V XMP RAM on Intel Core i3/i5/i7 "......however, you will oft find that RAM advertised as DDR3-1600 actually has DDR3-133 as it's speed on the SPD..... and that to enable the 1600 speed you have to enable the XMP profile or manually set the speed and timings and boost it to 1.65. In short, options are likely:

    1333 @ 1.50v
    1600 @ 1.65v


    Should I stop MemTest it's over 7mln errors as we speak and check which memory sticks are faulty or should I wait for it to ends.

    You can stop the test after the 1st error....run overnight (12 hours) w/ no errors to feel comfy.

    Will faulty RAM be responsible for errors I'm getting in Win7?

    I'm surprised you were able to get Windows installed.

    You also mentioned I can run on 3 sticks? I've 6x4GB so I would have 5 left if one is faulty?

    They are matched sets of 3 x 4GB......I'd keep the one working set and RMA the second. And yes, 24GB will certainly be used in video editing applications.

    Note: when all slots are filled, it's not uncommon to have to bump down the RAM speed (i.e. 1600 -> 133) or timings to maintain stability.
  8. This is the exact RAM I have installed in my system:


    On Corsair website is says CL is 9-9-9-24, but I've checked in BIOS and AIDA64 says 8-8-8-24. Windows have installed no problem, but having "brain farts" every 20sek especially when using AE and PremierePro. This is second installation of Win7 Ultimate. First one I had page file turn off and got blue screen with message "Dumping Phisical Memory" 3 times. I remeber last time I saw something like that it was RAM, but it was on very, very old machine.

    I'll try Prism95 and CPU-z and upgrade BIOS for mother board.

    Btw, I just came back to my computer. I left MemTest running and it's past 12mln errors as I'm writting this. I'm not sure if I should cry or laugh. I'd like to isolate the problem before approaching my vendor.

    Thanks very much for your help so far. I'll post again any update I have.
  9. @RetiredChief: Yes I'm running MemTest from boot CD
  10. In Reference to running at CL 8, This is quite possible as you are probably running at DDR3-1333.
  11. I did MemTest on my other machine and there was no errors reported not even one. I've updated BIOS on my workstation and see what happens
  12. I've just finished testing my machine. Upgrade Bios to F2 and increased voltage on RAM. It's flying now. Passed all the test in 100% with 3 different diagnostic tools. Thanks for help.
  13. NOW ENJOY the fruits of your labor.
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