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So, I am considering ordering up a gtx 470 due to their low prices. Since they're as low as $244 plus free shipping. I won't be needing a dx11 card until January and my 260(216) still performs nicely. However, will my next available upgrade, the 560/570 (full gf 104), be reasonably priced in terms of comparison to the 470. I imagine performance will be somewhat better, but I am not interested for $350. Does anyone suppose that the full gf 104 will be released before February and prices will be/fall to under $300? Or should I just not care and get a 470 now?
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  1. I wouldn't buy anything at least until AMD releases the 6900 series. I don't think that they will necessarily be faster than the 480/580 but they will be significantly cheaper, cooler, and less power hungry.

    Once both parties have released all of their new products for the holiday season you can make a decision.

    On another note - does your current mobo support SLI?

    if it does you could get another GTX260 off eBay for ~ $80 - $90

    and you would almost have a gtx 295 for less than $100 more investment.

    If Newegg is willing to have these kinds of discounts now, surely they will have more, or even better ones as the holiday buying season kicks into gear.
  2. I have an sli board but have no interest in setting one (sli) up. The reason the 470 is so cheap right now is they are trying to clear stock and when they are gone, they are gone. I doubt the 470 will get much cheaper, possibly $10 or so. So that still leaves me with be happy with a 470 or wait until stock is out and be at the mercy of what is in my price range. Would I have to go with a lower performing card at the same price, or will the next "generation" of cards be priced in line with the steep discounts now being seen on the 470? Also, I am not a big AMD fan. Nothing against them, I just prefer to wait for competitive NV options.
  3. Furthermore, I want to upgrade to a dx11 card. Which my 260 does not support, making sli an even larger moot point.
  4. The best action will be to wait until the new cards are released so you don't have to speculate as to their price and performance.

    BUT, if you would like to pull the trigger sooner, here is a good rationale:

    My thought is that the new 500 series will be better with better cooling, when it arrives in December. However, with the GTX580, tests show that an overclocked GTX480 can nearly match it in performance. The big advantage of the GTX580, then, is mostly in the cooler performance, which results in less heat and noise.

    So, here's my solution, go for a cheap custom, overclocked GTX470, like the Gigabyte GTX470 Superoverclock. You will have cooler temperatures and lower noise with the Windforce II cooler, and you will get overclocked performance to nearly match that of the upcoming 500 series. You won't miss out on performance, you will still have a quiet and cool card, and you won't have to wait until December.
  5. Waiting isn't a problem, so long as it doesn't run into February. I only worry that I may end up with a situation like the 570 being faster but over budget and a 560 being slower but in my budget. I think the 470's are really cheap in comparison to their performance, I just think that a new 560/570 will be comparably priced and offer more performance (and run cooler, quieter) I'm really on the fence right now. I'm pretty sure the 470's will be in stock for a bit longer, although some at Newegg are "out of stock" now. I think I'm going to try and wait for a little more news to come out on the 5xx series and hope the 470's aren't sold out at their current prices if it looks like they are the best value.
  6. I'm not even sure I've heard that the 560/570 has been officially announced yet. Definitely more news will be forthcoming. You may also want to be poised for Black Friday to see if the deals are just too ridiculous to pass up.
  7. If you don't need a card till January, why are you asking now ?
    Don't really know what class of cards your interested in.
    Your not going to get the 2nd fast card from either company in the 240.00 range, like the gtx 470 is now.
    Are you willing to spend 300-350 in January ?
  8. The reason why they are cheap is so that they run out of stock before other GTX5x0 gen cards come to market and ATI rolls out their next card. Nvidia has basically made a come back despite their GF100 failure.
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