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Hi i have a Intel DX58SO2 Motherboard, Intel Core I7 960 3.2GHz CPU, Corsair Dominator GT 2000MHz 6GB. My question is that the memory is only running at 1067MHz i would like it to run at 1600MHz but i dont nkow what the setting must be to do that and will it ruduce lifespan of the memory, cpu etc? and one more thing will it increase FPS in games by increasing memory speed?
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  1. Just fix timing/voltage/speed to default which should run stock w/out problems...
  2. but i would like it to run at 1333 or 1600 and not 1067
  3. Go into BIOS and set your memory... Im not sure how your computer is but just find the timing and the voltage and the speed.. There wont be a problem running the RAM's stock clocks....
  4. Increasing ONLY the memory frequency will have a minimal effect on FPS. Most likely no more than 2-5 FPS if even that. For increased FPS, you need to increase your CPU capability or GPU capability or both. This case be done by OCing, upgrading, or both.
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