How good are PSUs from HP, Dell? And Indian PSUs?

Hi all

I wanna know how good (or bad) are the PSUs that come with PCs from MAJOR BRANDS like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Compaq etc.

1. Are they 80+ efficient? Or at least moderately efficient?
2. Are they built with good parts?
3. Are they reliable?

Many novice buyers here in India choose these branded PCs and so do many major firms.


I also wanna know how are the cheap PSUs by other makers. I'm from India and we have many local Indian brands that make cases and PSUs. These companies make cases which usually come with PSUs pre-installed.

1. How good are they?
2. Are they built with good parts?
3. Are they reliable?

Most Indians buy these cases (with built-in PSUs) and their PCs usually run trouble-free for many years. Many government banks and call centers here use the same cases and PSUs. In fact, most small-time companies use these cases and PSUs. From what I've seen, PCs powered by them run for many years without any issues.


Last but not the least, will this Cooler Master Elite 100 case be good enough for an AMD Zacate mini-itx board?

Or would it be too suffocating?

This Cooler Master case is the ONLY GLOBAL & REPUTED BRAND mini-itx case available in India, as far as I know. So its my only mini-itx option. Or I would have to go with CM Elite 310 case with the cheapest Corsair PSU. But I would prefer smaller and min-itx.

If PSUs from local brands are good enough, I'd go with them. There is a cute mini-itx case+PSU available here

Please lemme know how good it is.

Amazon, Newegg etc. don't ship here...and even if they do...customs department gets hold of all the electronic stuff. So thats outta the question.

Thanks for your time..
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    Let's talk first about those local PSU makes.. There is a reason they are so cheap.. First of all, they won't deliver the exact wattage mentioned on them.. For example, a 450W iball will actually be giving somewhere around 300W.. On top of that, the output will be all fluctuating, full of ripples and other anomalies.. Best to avoid them..

    Coming to company stuff, they provide PSU's for their own builds which are mostly crap and overpriced.. Those PSU's are no better than the above mentioned cheap one's.. They may work ok within their build but outside it are unreliable..

    People often brag about getting substantial mileage from these cheap PSU's.. But most of them are ignorant and/or unaware of a PSU's role in a build and the requirement for quality.. Choosing a PSU is no mean task as it forms the most critical part of your PC.. Its necessary to match it with your build first (so as to check how many actual watts you require) and then choose one from a quality manufacturer.. Remember, when one of those cheap PSU's decides to go bad, it might take out other costlier components with itself.. Stay safe.. Don't buy them..
  2. iball and Zebronics are rebranded generic junk. I suspect that Frontechonline also is.
  3. as far as i know the only company that sells reliable PSU/case combo's is Antec. Coolermaster make some good PSU's but the onle bundled with cases are cheap crap. They are probably ok for a system without a video card or a very low powered video card. Now iball is another thing all together, something you want to stay away from if you want it to last for more than a year.
  4. A lot of the big brand stuff (HP,Dell,Lenvo) use good quality, if low power, PSU's for the corprate machines with 80+ gold certification. Most home users are not that worrid about wasting $10 a year in the PSU not being 85%+ efficent but big corps with 10,000's of pc's really do care.
  5. Thanks for all the advice...will avoid local makes. Now I just need to know if the CM 100 Elite is right for a zacate mini-itx mobo. I hope it won't be too cramped? It ain't got any fans as you can see. Thanks..

    (Antec mini-itx unavailable here)
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