What's the problem? Drivers, GPU, or mobo?

I am upgrading from an ATI Radeon HD 3400 to an EVGA GT 240 512 mb GDDR5, and it's not working.
Tech specs:
Windows 7
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4gHz
Don't know the motherboard - it's the one that came with the computer (a Vostro 410). Computer is about 2 years old, so I'm assuming that it's PCI-E.
PSU: 350W

When I installed the Nvidia card in the first time, it brought me to the normal screen and windows started searching for drivers and installed them.
Then, it restarted, and won't get past the Windows screen (it just shows a black screen after the windows logo and the four colors fly out).
I've tried uninstalling the drivers, and installing the ones that came in the CD. I've also tried installing the latest ones on the website, but that doesn't work either.

I was looking at some other forums and someone said about going to BIOS and changing the settings to PCI-Express. I did that too, didn't work.

Could the card be DOA, or is it the drivers that don't work, or could my mobo be too old?
Help please?
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  1. so it works well without installing the nvidia drivers? what about safe mode?

    only thing i can think of aside from the card being DOA is try a reformat and clean install
  2. When was the last time W7 was updated?
  3. It doesn't work well without the nvidia drivers installed. It uses the onboard graphics, which are on 800x600.

    It's just Windows Professional. Not SP1, should I do an update?
  4. @mousemonkey. Updated? Like through windows update? About 1 month ago?
    Well, when I open Windows update, it says there are no new updates.
  5. W7 might need the latest updated driver from MS before it works properly, it's only a guess on my part but W7 does like to install it's own driver as soon as a new card is detected.
  6. I was wondering, do I need to uninstall the drivers for the old graphics card for the new ones to work?
  7. I would.
  8. Well, the thing is, I've also installed the drivers from the Nvidia website and the ones that came in the CD. Those didn't work either.
  9. Mousemonkey said:
    I would.

    I've ruled out that the GPU is the problem. I tried it on another computer with integrate graphics and it worked. Went to bios and set it up so that the pci thing would start first.
    Is this why my main computer isn't working?

    Also: Haven't tried out uninstalling the old drivers. I just don't think this would work, and if it fails, I might be left with a computer that doesn't work with either GPU :/
  10. I kow this is an old thread but i just bought the same gpu on ebay & im having the same problem, was wondering if u found a fix?
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