HP P6540F , Help Selecting New Graphic card ?

HP P6540F

AMD Phenom II 830 Quad-Core Processor
ATI Radeon HD4200 (integrated)
SuperMulti DVD/CD burner w LightScribe
Onboard 10/100 Ethernet
Onboard Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n
6 USB 2.0, 2 USB 1.1, 1 FireWire
15 in 1 memory card reader
USB Keyboard
USB Optical Mouse
Speakers and Sub-woofer on separate power supply
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


====Original 250 watt PSU, upgraded to : (plz bear w me, I dont know anything about PSU's, so i wrote everything)

400 watt (+3.3v and +5v max output 210w, Peak Surge Max Output 418w)

DC +3.3v +5v -5v +12v -12v +5v-sb com ps-on pw-ok
Output 12a 19/21a 0.5a 20a 0.8a 2.5a return remote P.G.
Color brown red white yellow blue purple black green orange

AC Input 115/230 Vac~ 7/4 A 60/50Hz

Available Power Plugs: (sorry don't know the names)
(4) 4 pin Molex connectors
(2) 6 pin 2x3 black and yellow wires
(2) 4 pin 1x4 MINI's
(1) 6 pin 2x3 labeled Dell P6
(1) 15 pin serial connector

I spent a lot of time looking for graphic cards. Ive got a good idea of what I want.

I found : Sapphire 100289L Radeon HD 5670 (redwood) 1GB 128bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x 16 HDCP Ready CrossfireX Support Video Card w/ ATI Eyefinity.
Retail 90 bucks. 400 watt PSU requirement. But, 400 stream processors seems kinda low compared to most.

What I'd like.. PCIe 2.0 x16 1gb 256bit GDDR5 Windows 7 compatible Direct X11 ready

I expect that 256bit is better than 128.
I read that GDDR5 is better than GDDR2 3 or 4, so naturally I want the best.

My PSU is my only limiting factor, but I would rather keep the cost under 400 USD.

Thanks in advance for your time and advice.
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  1. I have no idea how your system is running using the power supply u stated. But with 400 dollars to spend you have huge varitey in what you can get.I would suggest the Radeon HD 6850 it just came out and it's top of the line for your needs,not to overpowering and not so much middle grade.It is 256 bit and GDDR5, top of the line,DX11.

    You can find it here,they've been selling like hotcakes so this Gygabyte one just got replenished,you should get it before they run out again.

    As for the power supply you shouldn't need anything huge, but a quality PSU is priceless.This power supply shoud last you for a while and it will be good to add to a future build and if you want to Crossfire or SLI(Run dual video cards).

    You haven't listen your motherboard type and model,that would help determining future ugprades.And if you wanted to with your budget you could crossfire.

    With my suggestions in hand your total spendind is up to 260$ U.S. Give you 150 extra spend.So if you could just tell us your motherboard type/model and what type of monitor your using it would help us help you better.
    Btw with just one radeon 6850, you should be able to run WoW on Ultra no problems.
  2. First, Why is it soo hard to believe that my current PSU even runs my setup? What's wrong w it?

    Also, everyone and their sister company makes radeon HD 6850, including HIS, Sapphire, XFX, VisionTek, AMD, and Gigabyte. Any way of knowing if ones better than the other, or if any are compatible w/ my system while others are not? I only found 4 of them that designated a minimum power requirement, and all had 500 watt minimums.


    H-R5880-uATX (ALOE)
    Manufacturer: Foxconn
    Form Factor: uATX
    Chipset: AMD 785G
    Memory Sockets: 4x DDR3
    Front Side Bus Speed: 5200 mt/s
    Processor Socket: AM3
    Expansion Slots:(1x) PCI x16 for graphics, (3x) PCI x1 slots, (1x) PCI express x1 minicard slot

    Here's a link to my comp's factory details.. All stock aside from my PSU upgrade


    monitor specs.

  3. Well i looked at the Power supply you ugpraded to and it only has 23Amps on the 12/v rail which is really bad and it is a really cheap PSU. I'm sure it runs everything but theirs no way you can put a new graphics card in with that PSU.With your current PSU even if the minimum power supply requirement for the card is 400 Watt you still have to research how many AMPs are required on the 12/v rail for that card.
    For example the 5770 requires minimum of 24AMPS your PSU only has 23 so that can't work and also higher end cards will require you to add a extra power pin to give it more power becuse it won't get enough from the motherbaord itself,and your PSU doesn't have any PCI-Expressx16 connecter pins so that would be out of the option with your current PSU.
    You want to get the PSU i reccomnded on the other post above it has 50+AMPS so you will be set.
    As for which company to buy from, i choose the Gigybyte one because it has 2 fans, that will keep it cooler ,and i liked the design their pretty much all the same unless some are factory overclocked which means they are a little bit faster,other differneces between them would be Warranty's and the differen't type of Feastures the company put's with the card.
    But f you wanted to go a little bigger you could look at the Radeon 6870 it's a little bit faster but worth the money.
    So to sum that all up you should have to get a new PSU or else you can't run any newer graphics cards,it's not only the minimum wattage that's the problem it's how many AMPs on the 12/v rail you need. Also i'll leave it up to you to choose between the 6850 and the 6870 but your main concern here is that you have to get a better PSU.Maybe for the future with the extra money you have left over you should buy some heatsinks so you could overclock your proccesor it would maxamize the performce of the graphics card you buy but thats optional.
  4. OK then,, sucks to have to get ANOTHER PSU..
    As far as this one u had a link for.. I didnt see anywhere that it has the square 4 pin connector, that my comp requires.

    Says it's used for pentium 4's and AMD 64's

    As far as my graphic needs, I'm upgrading from the GeForce 9400GT 512 MB ddr2, so I'm not spoiled. Perhaps I should set my sights a lil lower? If you're certain about the PSU you linked,, ok.. BUT I'd hate to order ANOTHER PSU, and be stuck with another disappointment.
  5. It does, you should of asked this question here before you went ahead and bought it or checked around a little bit more their's lots of info to know about a PSU not just how many watts you need.I did something simialr a while ago i got a 9600gt and a 9400gt and i blew them both out before i realized i was using a 250 watt PSU in stead of a 300 watt.Now i am way more careful about it. What are you talking about 4 pin connector? The one listed should have more than you should need for your system.What is used for pentium 4's and AMD64's?
    Even as low as a 5670 your PSU still cannot run it the card requires 26Amps and your PSU only puts out 23.
    Any lower than that and i think your back at your old graphics card.
    Here is this website where you can find out what graphics card you can run on your PSU(remember that your PSU is rated at 23 amps).


    Here is a cheaper power supply


    With that new PSU^ you can get a card up to 50 amps.

    I really don't think you will find anything more powerful than your 9400gt under 23amps on that list,but you could check it out.
    I am still suggesting the 6850 it only runs about 25 amps and it is a brand new card so everything is up to date.I believe it is the best bang for your buck.Don't get a PSU thats under 80%Effeciancy.I'm sorry to have to say but i don't think theirs anyway you can get out of it you'll have to buy a new PSU.You learn from your mistakes.I'm still waiting for more replys on this i have no idea why no one else ahs posted here,more ideas and more opions would help this situtaion a lot better.
  6. You're being really awesome for not giving up on my noobness yet.

    Well I dunno what this 4 pin power connector is on my mother board. The 2 black, 2 yellow wires run directly from my PSU to my mother board.

    I was wreckless and unplugged it while my pc was on, to see if it was necessary, and all my cooling fans went triple speed and my rig sounded like it was pumping way too much juice: so I feel it's a very necessary connector

    The best I can do is give u the link to my mother board picture and tell you, it's the diamond to the left of the processors..


    I just tried for an hour to find a label on this connector, but no success.

    I feel helpless, for being so ignorant about these things, but again I thank you for your time and hope u don't abandon my cause quite yet.. As soon as I learn what this 4 pin connector is, and find a PSU that wil power my heap,, I'll be soo relieved.

    .. Looking forward to your reply.
  7. I have no idea what those wires could be,i did check out all your system specs on that site,your motherboard is fully capable of running a PCI-Express 2.0 card.

    It is not possible to run a graphics card you want without getting a new Power Supply.The power supply in the link provided above will power your system.

    To help me even further what is your budget in this situation,how much money are you willing to spend?
  8. Budget is no problem. I just figured anything over 400 USD was excessive. If I wanted to spend more, I could just as easily create a gaming rig from top to bottom. Thing is,, I just got this PC about 3 weeks ago from Office DEPOT, cuz I came into a large store credit with them. So I got the best PC I could get in store or on their website. 100% free for me. Swapped my graphic card from my old Dell e510, and the cooling fan cut out and (I guess) fried the processor, cuz it kept freezing my sysytem. Pulled the bad geforce out and pc runs fine.

    I figured since I was replacing it anyway, Id like to go as good as I can so I dont have to turn around and upgrade again in the next 2 years, (untill I get a new rig.)

    I guess bottom line, I'd be willing to go max 600 for PSU and graphics.. BUT if I can spend less that would be ok too.. Since I have only 6 weeks to get my x-mas shopping done.

    Was just trying to band-aid my free system to get me by for 2-3 years till technology advanced and made my system obsolete, and I was forced to buy a new one.

    Thanks again.
  9. Well is that case it's an easy fix,All you need is a new PSU and a graphics card like i've said.
    Here is a bundle'd combo deal.But the deal ends today.


    it's 200$U.S. you practically getting the PSU for free.
    Really should get this deal before it's to late,the 650 watt PSU is a quality PSU and the 5850 is a really high end card it's way faster than the 6850 i suggested.
  10. Well OK.. I finally JUST DID IT....

    $280 .. ill grab 60 bucks in mail in rebates hopefully. I never have good luck with mail ins..

    I really hope both parts work in my machine..

    I'll leave this thread open till I know for sure.

    Shipping is estimated at 3 days.

    Again Thanks a ton, I Hope youre right......
  11. Thats a really good buy.Not often those deals come around. They should work fine.
    I really should let you know that the 5850 is really overkill for World of Warcraft but it's such a great deal you can't pass it up.What other games do you play?I can give you some FPS estimates on how the 5850 will do.
    Your welcome, let me know how it all works out after you get it installed.
  12. @balogna:
    Make sure you go to the XFX website and register your new card after you get it in to get the full warranty. Here's the link: http://xfxforce.com/en-us/Home.aspx?lang=en-us
  13. Thanks for the advice. Your wife and my G/F have sumthing in common ;P

    I dont play WoW, But i do play DnD online, it's basically the same.
    Also COD World at war, and I'm planning on the new medal of honor and Starcraft 2 as soon as my graphics situation is resolved.

    I read a ton of reveiws about the PSU cooling fan clicking. .. Just another thing I'm hoping goes right for me..
  14. Yah the 5850 is overkill for the type of games you want to play, it will run them flawlessly maxed out settings.What resolution are you playing on?
  15. Currently 1680 x 1050
  16. yeah it's way overkill then, 1680x1050 is only 720p not 1080p so it won't ask so much of the card.Even though it was overkill for the games you play it was such a good deal,hard to pass up.It should last you for 3-4 years.
  17. I finally got my stuff today.

    Barely enough room for these two big pieces. But they went in.

    Runs silently.

    I ran DDO and COD WAW both run very well...

    Also threw in the most detailed DVD I had. Transformers 2, for the vehicle to bot scenes. Ran flawlessly.

    Again thanks for your input.. It really made my decision making much easier.

    Now I need to return the old PSU and try to get my mail-ins back through newegg.
  18. Welcome,happy gaming.
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