KVM switch + razer lycosa keyboard

Hello everyone,

Not sure which forum to post this in... I am about to build a new linux box to add to my current win 7 single box setup, so naturally I would like to use a KVM switch to avoid having to use two keyboards, monitors and mouse... The only problem I can foresee is that my Razer Lycosa keyboard (which I love) uses two USB ports and I've been unable to find a KVM switch with two keyboard ports.

The keyboard has a USB port built into it, so I'm guessing one of the USB connections from they keyboard is acting purely as an extension and the other is for the actual keyboard functionality.

Is this thinking correct or does anyone know anything about this?

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  1. oops, never-mind, experimented and yes, one controls the keyboard, the other is just acting like a USB extension cable so there should be no problems.
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    Have fun with your new system :)
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  4. Thanks man, sorry I couldn't really help you I promise to try to solve your problem before you next time :D
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