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I have a quick question, is 57C after a long gaming session good for an 8800GT? Sometimes Ive seen it get to 60-63 but usually it idles around 47 and gets up to 57-63 on load. Just wondering if my card is healthy. Oh and no I do not want to be suggested to get a new graphics card unless you are paying for it. I honestly don't care of you think my 8800GT is outdated it runs most games I want it to on high-max on 1280x1024 which is the highest res my monitor can support anyways.
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  1. My 8800GT's have been hitting 60 - 65c for the last couple of years and still work fine.
  2. OK, just wondering :o Yeah my case sucks also. It has 1 exhaust fan and that is it. Not even pulling air out from the GPU so the area where my 8800GT is gets a little warm. I bet it would run a bit cooler had it a case fan to pull air out.
  3. I have duel 80mm fans exhausting the air away from dual 8800GT's and they idle in the low 40's and never get above the mid 60's, so airflow is everything.
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