Cant identify issue related to the CPU.

CPU: Q6600
MB: Abit IP35 Pro
GFX: Nvidia 8800GTX
RAM: 4GB Gskill
OS: Winows XP Pro

A couple of days ago my PC started acting up, it would power off 1-5 seconds after starting up though if I tried enough times it would finally turn on and I would be gaming for hours with no issues. It got worse of the next day or so and I had to try more times before it would turn on, until yesterday it shutdown itself when I launched a video game and never came back on. Now it will power down 1-2 seconds after starting. The motherboard has a led display and from watching the numbers it seems to be shutting itself down, not crashing but I am not 100%. All fans do power up for the 1-2 seconds it is on, and I haven't noticed a heating issue but it could possibly have been.

I stripped the PC down and finally got it to work when I unplugged the CPU power supply. I tried with a new heatsink and fan I have but it still fails unless I unplug the CPU power (not the fan sensor) I removed the chip and inspected that, to include the motherboard and nothing seems broken or burnt, though a bit dusty. So is this a CPU, motherboard or maybe even power supply (think it's a 750w OCZ) issue? I can even take pictures of the parts and if worse comes to worse just pay for a tech to find the exact issue.

On a side note, the PC does run with the CPU unplugged, but the video card doesn't display anything, is this normal or did I mess up my graphics card when I stripped it apart and also vacuumed the vents?
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  1. I'd try a spare power supply If you have one. Also, check your CPU temps. It might be a thermal problem.
  2. Well I have not noticed heat issues and the motherboard LCD shows it going through the power down cycle so I am not too sure that is it. Either way I dont have a power supply backup so I would rather spend the money for a tech to tell me the exact problem then pay the same amount for a power supply hoping that is it.

    Additionally how can I check CPU temperatures if the PC never stays on for more than a few seconds unless I unplugg the CPU?

    Anyone have any suggestions on what else I can test out?
  3. you also should add thermal to the heat sink to aid in heat transfer away from sensitive components. If you have never done it follow the guide here and make sure to keep the heat sink centered so the paste doesn't get on any of the electrical contacts and other places it shouldn't be.
  4. Yes I use thermal, but either way I think we are long past that point. Not be rude, but is anyone actually reading my post? =(

    I just want to know how to determine if it is the CPU or motherboards connection to the CPU without having any spare parts.

    Ill probably just suck it up and pay a tech
  5. I would definitely try a spare PSU, if you have one, or borrow one from a friend's computer.
  6. Well I have already done all testing possible, if I cant find any spare parts Ill just bring it in.
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