Geforce 6150 LE memory clock on DDR2 RAM?

Ok. So I have a geforce 6150LE integrated graphics card with my Pavillion m7750n media center pc, with core clock oc'ed to 500MHz (from 425 MHz) and memory clock running at speed of RAM. So my RAM is DDR2 SDRAM- PC 4200 (533 MHz), and so it makes sense that FurMark and EVGA Percision is reporting that my GPU Memory clock is 532 MHz, since the GPU uses memory off system ram. However, GPU-Z (the video card version of CPU-Z) is reporting that I have DDR (under type of memory), and a memory clock of 266 MHz (which is 532 MHz divided by 2). Which one is correct? Is the integrated graphics card unable to make use of DDR2 and so has to revert to DDR, or is GPU-Z incorrect. It seems that it would be useless to overclock my gpu to 500 MHz if the memory is running at 266 MHz. Thanks!
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  1. Does it matter?

    Sorry I had to be a smart ass. Interesting question, I would assume the video card could share system memory at the full bandwidth available to the bus, it's likely your integrated graphics has an idle mode that lowers the clocks to save power and that's what you are seing in GPU-Z, but I don't really know for sure. But I think it's pretty useless to overclock your integrated graphics anyways, it's still going to suck. Sorry, being a smart ass again.
  2. It's just the way GPU-Z reads IGP's (wrong sometimes, I had one and it did the same thing).
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