Asus crossfire formula v memory and cpu advice needed

i just bought a crosshair formula v, msi 6970 lightning, and a few other goodies but held out on the ram and the cpu i will b doing mostly gaming and some photoshop and video editing. been using the same build for about 3 years and kinda out of the game as far as whats hot and not and could use a few suggestions i was going to get a fx-8150 but after some reading i hear ppl saying its not as fast as it should b and to save my money until something better comes along and go with one of the for 4 or 6core cpus so im not sure. as far as memory goes i want as fast as 200bucks or so will get me.
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  1. leave that waste of money get some real like 2500k with z68 board you will see how it will keep you happy.
  2. yeah ive already got the mobo bought so thats not an option right now plus ive been able to overclock my amd athlon 64 x2 6400+ like a champ and outperformed top end intel systems of my buddies at the time mind you this was when crysis first came out and i may b living in the past. anyways i think im giong with the phenom 2 x4 980 for now. hows that sound to everyone
  3. hmmm, excellent choice of 980 get it now.
  4. done:) as for the ram im thinking Mushkin Enhanced Redline 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) anyone know of a reason i should go with something else
  5. g.skill are on top manufactur.
  6. are the ripjaw low voltage or sniper low voltage the way to go if im going to b overclocking at some point or what would b my best bet for ddr31600
  7. get ripjaws
  8. Howdy,

    I have recently made the choice to go with the Asus Formula V Crosshair. Read my thread on using FX series CPU's on this board.

    The FX Series CPU's do fantastically for gaming as does the Intel I5 2600 which everyone raves about. I tossed up for some time in regards to the CPU's (Intel or AMD) and stick by my choice of CPU, which granted under some tests the Intel beats the FX Series Chips this is only an issue if your pushing your CPU's to the Absolute max and it will take a computer professional to push them that far.

    I am running multiple clients of games and running them all on Max settings with no issues at all on the Hardware end. FX series CPU's are still a good budget choice for AMD fans, but read my thread before buying them so you do know what your in for.
  9. went with the 980 for now will prob update in year and put the 980 in my current comp i looked at ur build livefire and it looks like did almost exatcly the same thing but i got corsair dominator and the thermaltake haf case otherwise identical guess u have good taste
  10. On memory you always want to get as fast as you can. Amd fx likes 1866 but i have mine oc at 2000. Alot of people hate on the new amd fx line but once you get it dialed in its not so bad. Amd 8120 is a great buy for some one wanting amd fx. The 8150 is over priced.
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