Dual 9800GTX or new gfx card?

Hello all! First post for me :)

I have a Nvidia 9800 GTX card at the moment. I just bought Call of Duty Black Ops and it's abit laggy.

Was wondering if it was worth buying another 9800 and running SLI (think it will be hard to fit it in with my motherboard though..) or to just buy a new GFX card.

Kind of lost track of the scene since my last purchase and was hoping anyone here could enlighten me. Initially 2 cards to me sounds pretty awsome, just wondering if its still up to date with the current cards or if they just smash my old one :lol:
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  1. i would suggest you just buy a new card. the new card have some great features the the older cards dont, how much are u willing to spend the gtx 460 or the radeon 6870 are pretty good mid range cards both are around 200 to $250
  2. I'd agree, buy a newer card, possibly deciding to stick with Nvidia to take advantage of that 9800 GTX for PhysX. Newer cards have great features, regardless of whether your older one in SLI gives you equal performance, you will be future proofing yourself with things like DX11 if you buy a new card.
  3. First off it just want to give a big thanks for answering and being polite. I guess the internet isn't such a bad place after all :love:

    Regards to the last comment; do you mean that I should run a newer card together with my old 9800 GTX for physx ? Im not sure im following you on that one.

    Either way it's now time to study up on gfx charts and align it with my wallet size. Fun times ahead!:)
  4. yes you can use your 9800gtx specifically for physx. would help in games that use physx, so it depends if you play any that do.
  5. Yes to clarify I was saying that if you decide to upgrade to a newer Nvidia card you can use the 9800 GTX in another PCI-E slot just for physX, this will improve your frame rates for most games because you have a card dedicated just to that task.

    Also if you don't mind, let us know your budget and I bet the people on here will be more than happy to suggest some great cards.
  6. Hey all again :)

    My powersupply is pretty new like 1 year, 550w and good quality, so it should support any newer gfx cards.

    My budget atm is around 200 euros for a new card. At the moment im leaning towards the nvidia gtx 460. Looks like a really good card for that pricerange :ange:

    Thanks again for the clarification on physX on my old card. Real nice that it works that way!
  7. Yes, for that price range, the GTX 460 is a great card. Have you considered what brand yet? EVGA offers great warranty, MSI and Gigabyte offer great coolers so I'd lean towards one of those three. A good branded 550W PSU should do nicely aswell just make sure you have the proper amperage on your +12V rail. Let us know how it all goes.
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