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Graphics card performance by monitor size

Does it make a difference on the graphics cards performance if a monitor is big or small? That is, would there be a difference in fps using the same gpu on a 42" 1080p and then a 23" 1080p? Or would it be the same because they are the same resoloution?
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  1. It's all based on the resolution with some mild differences on hz releated to v-sync and tearing. The size makes no difference.
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    The resolution is the only thing that matters, 1920x1080 pixels across 42 inches diagonally is still the same number of pixels for the GPU to handle as 1920x1080 spread across 23 inches diagonally. Dealing with the size of the screen itself is handled by hardware in the monitor and does not get off loaded to the GPU that only cares about pixel count.
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