1394 BUS WINDOWS 7 (not you average problem) PLEASE HELP!

Just got my new build in.

I paid extra to have a 1394 firewire port installed.

I have a new computer running Windows 7. It is functioning well, apart from the firewire card not being recognized. Pages on the web offering advice on this kind of problems start their solutions with going to the device manager and expanding the "IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers" node in the device tree. Only I don't have such a node. How can I get the "IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers" node to appear in the device manager?

Windows update reports that Windows is up to date.

I am using a mixing board that i've had plugged into other computers..

the firewire port in my new computer doesn't recognize anything being plugged in.

but the device manager doesn't even show that there's any 1394 firewire anywhere in the computer?

NUTSHELL: Firewire port doesn't recognize any input and, although there is a firewire port on my computer, there's nothing in the device manager that lists firewire.
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  1. try new material autodetect
  2. Check your bios settings. The device may need to be enabled in the bios. This is the equivalent to turning it on. If it is not bios enabled it can not be detected by the OS.
  3. Whats your mobo?
  4. Did you install the drivers that came with the Firewire card? Since this isnt a built in motherboard firewire port it will need different drivers. It also could be a really old card that windows 7 doesnt support which would explain why windows 7 isnt recognizing it. Go to the manufacturers website and download the latest drivers from there first.
  5. The builder called me back, apparently they didn't install the card because the z68ma d2h b3 doesn't support direct firewire connection... so i have to purchase a pci to install it myself.

    There is no firewire connection at all..


    thanks for your help guys
  6. That's what I thought : ) Firewire is no longer popular on PC, as it used to be.

    Make sure u choose a W7 compatible PCI card.
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