Dual EPS12V Redundant Power Supply

Man this is frustrating. Does anyone know of a non-proprietary supplier of Mini-Redundant (4U) power supplies with dual EPS12V lines (or 8pin and 4+4pin CPU power)?

For my home server I am using Norco chassis (4 digit models, like RPC-4224, and RPC-3216). They are ultra cheap but they seem like they have something I can't find in another case manufacturer, simplicity. I also build servers using E Storm RAID cases from IStarUSA... but nobody seems to sell a dual 8pin 12V CPU power supply.

I found this one, single unit:
And I can't find it for sale anywhere.

I need 500-1000W depending on application. Preferably keeping the price under $600. Please tell me the community knows where this is and I'm just missing it. If not I'm screwed because I can't afford the minimum order for an OEM (usually 100-1000 units minimum). If that's the case I'm forced to get an adapter for the 4pin CPU power line to 8pin, which defeats the purpose of the second line in a powerful Nehalem/ Tylersburg system.
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  1. I may have found a resolution. I found that some of the Athena Power redundant power supplies have dual 8pin 12V CPU power connections.

    - 800W
    - 80 Plus Bronze

    - 500W
    - 80 Plus

    http://www.athenapower.us/products/power_supply/power.html only states that there is EPS12V, but the Newegg pictures show two. Very frustrating not to be able to figure out.

    I should also mention that 90% of the people I have encountered running the boards I'm looking to use Z8PE-D12 and Z8PE-D18 are using a splitter to split the 8pin EPS12V connector to dual 8pin EPS12V or convert a spare 4pin ATX12V to 8pin EPS12V. I've heard that the reason to use separate lines is due to the limitations of the connector pins to dissipate heat caused by resistance at the connector, isn't this configuration less than optimum or should I stop being such an idealist and deal with the limitations of currently available power supplies?
  2. I am looking for a hot swap redundant solution, not a standard power supply. Surprisingly, as dual EPS12V connectors are featured mostly on server boards, the only power supplies which commonly feature dual EPS12V are consumer power supplies, usually via an 8pin and a 4+4pin. I'd take a Thermaltake ToughPower power supply any day, but I need redundancy.

    They even have redundant power supplies, but with only a single EPS12V output.

    You linked IStarUSA, who would honestly be my preferred brand, but none of their power supplies have dual EPS12V save the one I linked in my original post which isn't available anywhere.

    I believe I am now mostly convinced to go with an 8pin EPS12V splitter, but I am still frustrated as it entirely undoes the reasoning behind having the dual 8pin sockets in the first place.
  3. yeah well its not like you can walk into any old shop and buy a 1kw 4u redundant psu

    you can try istar directly

  4. IStarUSA direct ordering requires a minimum purchase of 100 units, then I could get any cables or configurations I want, but then again if the power supply was $500 I'd have to spend $50,000, shockingly for a half dozen computers I don't find that practical.
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