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Video Card Upgrade - Shuttle XPC with GTX460?


I need some advice about a video card upgrade.

I have a Shuttle SP35P2 Pro which I have been using as my main gaming rig. Currently has an Intel Q9300, 4GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2, 120GB CRUCIAL M225 SSD, 1TB Western Digital Black, and a 512MB BFG GTS250.

I am looking to go from my 512MB BFG GTS250 to a 1GB EVGA GTX460. My main concern is if I have enough power to drive the new card with the 400W PSU in my case.

My first obstable is that the GTX460 requires TWO 6-pin connectors instead of ONE for the GTS250. This can be fixed by getting a splitter like this one. So now the only thing is will the GTX460 draw more power than the PSU can handle?

I am looking to upgrade around Black Friday. Please help!
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  1. the minimum recommended wattage for the gtx 460 is 450w ur psu will most probably not be able to run the card
    it depends on which psu u are using give us the specs
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  3. Thanks for the link!! Where are the "recommendations" posted by NVIDIA? And doesn't it depend on how many other items you have? I saw some recommendations on the GTS250 stating that it needs a 450W PSU, but my rig has been running just fine for 18 months.

    According to that post above, it looks like the 460 draws 100W more than the 8800GT (which is about the same as the GTS250). That's a good indication that I might be pushing it if I do this upgrade.

    I guess I will just have to wait for the next upgrade to go to Intel i7/DDR3/GDDR5. I am still debating about sticking with a Shuttle 500W ( when it goes down in price or going with a mid-tower. I kind of like the compact PCs, but they do limit upgrade ability and definetly any possibility of cross-fire.
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