Upgrade to Sandy Bridge?

Currently, I have an i7-950 OC'd to 4.0Ghz with 16GB of 1600 RAM, 2 ATI 5870s setup in CF, on a Sabertooth X58 board. I mostly do programming and gaming on the machine. Is it worth upgrading to the Sandy Bridge platform, a i7-2600k specifically? I plan to OC the new processor and maintain the CF with the graphics cards.

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  1. No. Not unless you get a good price for your current components.
  2. Cost aside, is there a performance gain by upgrading? Or is it worth waiting until Ivy Bridge?
  3. no sence of upgrading, 950 is a good one...
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    Performance boost for upgrade - small. There is a tier level for upgrade, (could not fined the link).
    Cost of upgrade - in your case CPU ($200) and MB ($200 ± 50) and HSF ($30 -> $80)
    Approx $500 with reusing all other components

    As Dadiggle indicated - go for an SSD.
    The biggest Bottleneck on a computer is the HDD and an SSD just blows the door off of an HDD. Program load times are considerably reduced (Also boot time, but that depends on how often you turn on/off or reboot). Should help considerably in programming (compiling and saving to disk).
    Cost - Most use a 80 -> 120 Gig SSD for about $250. In your case I'd go with a 240 gig for $450->$550. If you go with the latest/greatest Vertex 3 (SATA III - $560), when you do upgrade ie IB (skipping SB) you can move over.
    This option, In My estimate will give you the biggest performance boost per $$$.
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