Dual Monitor Mouse Lag Issue Help Please

Hey guys, recently I have connected a 24" Synaps and a 17" Sharp monitor for the heck of it so I could stream movies and such while I gamed a bit. Installation goes fine but when i go to WoW to play the mouse is so choppy that it's unplayable. The fps seems to skip from 20-90fps. Is there something I am missing when it comps to dual monitor setup that can prevent this setup because I am knew to this and just set it up about 10 mins ago. My pc is NOT old the specs will be listed below, thanks !!

windows 7 ultimate 64bit
700w corsair ps
ati radeon 4850
Phenom II x4 955 Black edition 3.2ghz
M4a79xtd evo mobo
4gb G.skill Ripjaws
500gb seagate
24" Synaps
17" Sharp
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  1. Sorry I forgot to mention guys that when i hold the mouse down in WoW it is very very smooth and normal, but it's once the mouse is visible that it gets choppy... odd right ?
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