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Ok here what I got going. I would like to be under 1k. I'm at 1100 right now. I got a microcenter near by so my CPU is a little cheaper. I have windows xp pro, I could use that instead of buying windows 7 (for now) and that would get me to the 1k range I'd like to be at, what do u think? Here's my build.

I7-2600k. $295
Asus P8p67 pro. $189
Windows 7. $99
Corsair 650hx. $119. ($15 Mir)
Haf 922. $99
Asus DVD burner $20
Radeon 6870. $ 239 (20 Mir)
G skill ripjaws 4gb$ 54

Where could I save 100$ or should I just poney up and spend the $1100 on that rig?
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  1. <--- What's the intended use for your build ? What's your monitors resolution ? Any particular reason for going with the 2600k and not the 2500k ? Do you intend to over clock ? Do you intend to run dual vid cards later on ?
  2. Switching from a Core i7-2600K to a i5-2500K would save you that $100. The performance hit will also be minimal unless you have a application you want to run that takes advantage of hyper threading.
  3. Agree on the 2600K and 2500K above!
    I would just spend the $1100! You could though get a smaller PSU for a single card setup at the cost of Crossfire later.
  4. I intend to get into gaming. I will probably buy another 6870 sometime down the road. I'm thinking of possibly trying the 3 monitor setup at some point in the future. Not entirely sure on resolution,(sorry I'm new to this). I really wanted to get the 2600k over the 2500k because of the hyper threading. I know only some apps use it but I still would like it. I dint upgrade often and just would like to do it right the first time. My last build was a pentium 4 back in 03.. Hope this helps. Thanks for the help.
  5. Well the hyper threading does not help with gaming and the 2500K won over the 2600K in some of the benchmarks,2833.html
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