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Alright i will try and make the problem i am having as clear as possible. I recently purchased a Lexmark Pro 900 series printer with (this is important) BUILT IN wireless capability for my office, in which i need to print off my client's files and information so that i may treat them. The problem that i am having with this printer is this..I ran the installation CD that came with the printer on my primary computer and installed/connected and setup everything properly. This also included connecting the wireless printer ITSELF to my router via the built in wireless capability that came with the printer which was a successful installation. The problem is the secondary computer in which my office assistant uses. His computer is hard wired directly into the router without wireless access and is unable to connect to the printer through the router after prompted to put the IP address of the printer itself which is connected wirelessly to the router. When i access the router directly via the address bar, it even shows the printer as an attached device from his computer. I was wondering if firewalls or programs such as peerguardian or malwarebyte would maybe perhaps block the program when attempting the search for the printer? That is so far my only theory to this problem. And i don't believe that the computer he is using, not having wireless capability is a problem seeing as though the computer is connected via ethernet cable into the very same router that the printer is connected to wirelessly, and even shows up as an attached device on the router itself. Any suggestions to put an end to this annoyance? Thank you in advance.
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  1. Ok i figured out what the problem was and my theory was correct. It was peerguardian that was blocking the ip address of the printer and therefore was unable to connect as a result. So for anyone else who is or have had this problem in the past and never found out a way around it, this is the reason. a program such as some antivirus software, malwarebytes, peerguardian or any other program such a the ones listed need to be disabled before the attempted installation. I hope this helps anyone that have similar problems. ~ Sapius
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