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Hi guys, I've just ordered a 690 II case because it's perfect for what I need and at a good price too. However, when it comes in, I want to do a slight modification. I've noticed that the side fans don't have a dust filter, yet the bottom does. I've heard that the bottom filter is removable.

What I'm asking is, is it possible to remove the bottom filter and perhaps tape it to the side vents to prevent dust from coming in? Is it big enough? What I'll probably do is block the bottom filters with something (except the PSU filter), I don't think it'll make that much of a difference in temperatures.

If not, is there any sort of material I could use to filter the side vents? What puzzles me is that it seems the case is supposed to have negative pressure since there's a power supply, GPU and 3 fans exhausting air. Unless of course you put 2 140mm fans on the side to create positive pressure, but you still need a dust filter for those 2.
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    I have the perfect product for you!

    I just finished a build for a heavy smoker and I wanted the new computer to stand up to that kind of torture. On this new build I discovered these awesome filters:

    DEMCi Flex Fan Filters

    You can purchase them at (link) or (link).

    Basically, the frame of the filter is a magnet. They attach to the outside of your case and are super easy to remove and clean. They have both round and square/rectangular shapes. I purchased the 2x120mm rectangular filter and it was PERFECT for my build. For the CM 690, it looks like you'll need two 140mm filters for the side, though two 120mm filters might work too. The one I got from frozencpu did not have any logos or anything on them, which I like. Give them a try.
  2. I have a CM690II and yes you definitely need filters on the side if you add fans.

    I did and the amount of dust it pulls in is atrocious.
    I'm taking the side fan off and placing it on the back of the hdd mount.
    I use that set-up on my 902 and it actually works/cools better anyways=no dust
    The filter for the two bottom mount fans would probably work great for the the side fan mounts=good idea never thought of that
    You'd never miss them.=i've never noticed any dust at that location
    Different story for the psu filter if you mount the psu fan down.
    I'm constantly cleaning mine=sucks too because the filter is inside the case under the psu and requires psu removal=duh! on CM's part
    Might just tape that to the bottom of the case.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys.

    @ rwpritchett, wow thanks for those websites, that's pretty much perfect for what I need (looks cool too :D ). I was wondering though, are those the only sites that carry those filters, or is there a company in Canada as well? Unless of course, one of those sites is based in Canada.

    @ Davcon, thanks for sharing your personal experience, I figured as much that the side vents would be a bit of a problem. I have 2 extra 120mm fans, I also plan to put one on the HDD rack and one on the extra space on top. I didn't plan on using the side anyway, but if there's negative air pressure, there will probably be a lot of dust accumulating. I'm also going to mount the PSU with the fan facing upward. I don't think much hot air will be going into the PSU when I have 2 intake fans blowing on it and 3 fans exhausting on top.
  4. I can't find the filters with any Canadian retailers, but both FrozenCPU and Performance-PCs ship to Canada.
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  6. Ok, I appreciate you taking the time to look for me. Anyway thanks a lot for the info guys, this is just what I need.
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