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Hey friends plz suggest me which company`s SMPS is best as I need to purchase one,also suggest me which company`s coolant is good to apply on heat sink
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  1. Seasonic have very good quality and efficiency power supplies..
  2. evilgenius134 said:
    Seasonic have very good quality and efficiency power supplies..

    +1 to Seasonic. They produce VERY good PSUs and are worth every penny they cost. With PSUs, you definitely get what you pay for and Seasonics are some of the very best available.
  3. Please provide us info on your system specs and budget for the PSU.. We can give a definitive suggestion then.. Just for the record however, Corsair and Seasonic have the most excellent line of PSU's..
  4. sautelateacher said:
    Hey friends plz suggest me which company`s SMPS is best as I need to purchase one,also suggest me which company`s coolant is good to apply on heat sink

    There are many quality power supplies out there but it would help to know how much power you need. Some of the top performers comes from Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, Enermax. If you really want a good power supply, look at the particular model, not necessarily the manufacturer. Reason being is that most PSU's are not actually built by the company selling them. For instance, some of the top quality units from Antec and Corsair are actually manufactured by Seasonic. Here's an article to check out, but your needs may be more modest than these gaming PSU's:,2796.html

    As far as the TIM goes, I have always used Arctic Silver V with great results. There are other brands you can pay a little more for diamond powder or whatnot but I don't know that you'll find too much stuff that works better than AS5. However, the cure time for AS5 is about 2 weeks so if you'd rather have cooling efficiency faster than you may wish to look at other options.
  5. Visit for reviews of Thermal interface material.
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    Selection of PSU's by company is not a good idea.

    Also, advice about brands should be taken with a few pounds of salt :). Which of the following do you think is true ?

    Antec makes crappy PSU's
    Antec makes good PSU's
    Antec makes very good PSU's
    Antec makes great PSU's

    The answer .... all of the above. Manufacturer's are in business to make money ... the more they sell the more they make. Targeting a single market segment limits the number of customers you can sell to, limiting the amount of sales. So most vendors sell to multiple market segments:

    Great PSU's

    Very Good PSU's

    Good PSU's

    Crappy PSU's

    So where you want to be looking is not what brand but what "line".

    1st tier readily available PSU's:
    Antec SG series
    Antec CP Series
    Corsair HX Series
    Corsair AX Series
    Seasonic X Series
    XFX Black Edition Series

    2nd tier, readily available PSU's
    Antec HCP Series
    Antec HCG Series
    Antec TP New Series
    Antec TPQ Series
    Corsair TX Series
    XFX Core Edition Series

    As for Coolers, before ya go taking any particular web site's stats as gospel, check out their test system. Is it based upon an old outdated CPU technology ? For example:

    FrostyTech's Mk.II Platform delivers a 150W and 85W heat load to socket 775 compatible Intel Pentium 4/D/Extreme Edition, Celeron, Core 2 Duo & Core 2 Quad class heatsinks by way of a 30mm x 30mm copper interface die.

    Are you building a system w/ a LGA 775 CPU ? If so, you found a good site ....if not move on.

    As for TIM's ..... AS5 does indeed have very good thermal performance .... in fact the only TIM that matches that performance is Shin Etsu's 751. However, AS5's web sit states that it takes 200 hours of curing time plus a unspecified number of thermal cycles. Those thermal cycles, according to at least one reviewer, take up to a year under "normal conditions".

    So by my estimation of this statement it would take almost a year of normal use to properly cure the AS5 compound, or almost nine days of continuous power cycles to meet their recommendation.

    My approach is, skip the curing issues and just go with Shin Etsu.

    Here's the top 5 (lower is better)

    Tuniq TX-3 (0) Aluminum Oxide Moderate 37.65°C A+
    Gelid GC-Extreme (0) Aluminum Oxide Low / Thin 37.65°C A+
    Thermaltake Grease A2150 (4) Polysynthetic Silver Low / Thin 37.65°C A+
    Arctic Silver 5 Polysynthetic Thermal Compound (4) Polysynthetic Silver Low / Thin 37.55°C A+
    Shin-Etsu MicroSi G751 (0) Aluminum Oxide Moderate 37.55°C A+
  7. I thought the MX-4 stuff was supposed to be pretty good, at least i hope so as its what ive been using, and had some pretty good results.
  8. Seasonic, without question.
  9. The following brands I would mostly recommend, although there are a few exceptions within their lineups (primarily their cheapest models):

    Cooler Master
  10. Seasonic and CWT make very good psu's.
    As for thermal paste many good coolers come packaged with high-end compound.
    Thermalright coolers = Chillfactor II/III
    Tuniq = TX-2/3/4
    Arctic= MX-2/3
    CM=Thermalfusion 400
  11. davcon said:
    Seasonic and CWT make very good psu's.


    Seasonic and CWT makes most of the actual physical PSU listed above but they are sold under the company's name. I would go with Seasonic and Corsair as the top two brands for sell... IMO
  12. Thanks all for the replies I would be upgrading my cpu by adding a hdd and graphic card so the config would be

    Intel quad core 3.0,4 gb ddr2,2 sata hdd(one 1 tb and one 500 gb),2 dvd writers,1 gb nvidia graphic card
  13. Corsair,seasonic,antec id go with in that order.
  14. If you prefer to stick with a single video card setup then you won't need anything more than a quality 650 watt PSU.. On that note my recommendation would be the either of the Corsair TX 650 V2, Antec EA-650, CM Silent Pro M600 (may generate debates) and Seasonic S12II 620..
  15. And what is CWT friends?
  16. CWT = Channel Well Technology. It is the name of an actual power supply manufacturer. CWT makes power supplies for other companies.
  17. Quote:
    For a good list for gpu setups and their different power requirements go here

    Good list, if you subtract about 50W from each of those wattage recommendations. More on some of the lower end cards.
  18. phaedrus2129 said:
    Good list, if you subtract about 50W from each of those wattage recommendations. More on some of the lower end cards.

    But Wattage means nothing if the combined DC output current on the +12 Volt rail(s) is insufficient to meet the demands of the graphics cards and the rest of the components in the system, so that chart is missing one of the most critical specs.
  19. If you're getting a power supply with a +12V rail that's less than 80% of the total rating, then you're clearly doing it wrong in the first place.
  20. Thanks all got my answer,how can i mark this thread as solved?
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    You can just request a Moderator (like myself) to select a best answer for you & close the thread.
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