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Hello guys,

Just a quick question as to how Nvidia Surround works. I am interested in getting a triple (non-3d) monitor setup powered by two Nvidia GTX 580's and was wondering how it works exactly. As i understand it, the standard GTX 580 has a DVI-D, DVI-I and Mini HDMI output, will three cables be output therefore from one of the cards or will two go on one card and one on the other?

Should all three cables go on one card, would the monitors therefore need to support both DVI and HDMI connections?

The only reason why i'm asking is that the only way i'd be interested in this is if i don't have to be burdened down with this TripleHead2Go thing i've seen floating about the internet that takes one input and splits it over three monitors to achieve the same effect (its very expensive).

I know that ATI have Eyefinity which can output straight from the cards to up to 6 monitors which is awesome, however i'd just like to get details from Nvidia's offering before i make a decision.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Thanks very much mousemonkey; just to clarify, this will work for NON-3D monitors?
  2. If you check the link it will tell you exactly what is supported.
  3. Thanks mousemonkey, you truly are a big bottle of awesomesauce :D
  4. Thank you. :sol:
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