9800gt driver not detecting it

hi there....

i have this graphic card (Nvidia 9800gt 1gb ddr3) for my friend he got it new and the problem is the driver not detecting it...it keep saying "this graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware".... but the bios detected the card, everest detected the card as nvidia G 103M instead that is confusing, i tried the card on Asus m2npv-mx mobo but the monitor wont turn on...

it is annoying. can u guys help me out? should he RMA the card?

pc rig:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
4 gb rams
Nvidia 9800gt 1gb ddr3
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  1. What version of the driver are you trying to install? If it's the brand new 262.99 driver, it will only work with the GTX 580 unless you modify the ini file.

    260.99 is the latest driver that works with the 9800 without modification.
  2. thank you guys for the replay....

    @rwpritchett: am dealing with 260.99 , 197, 190 drivers...i even tried the G 103M notebook driver...and still the drivers giving me that message... am on Win7 x64 Ultimate...

    @malmental: i tried the card on 720w PSU unit and on 550w and on 450w PSUs..i tried other cards like 470 and 8600 and 9600gt, they are working fine on ECS AMD690GM-M2 & GA-MA78G-DS3H mobos(i knew that cause of 1st screen comes up when u start the computer says the info of the card)...but on Asus m2npv-mx did not detect it, the monitor still blank screen (turned off)...

    is it the windows? or the card?
  3. thank you for replay malmental

    yes did not work at all on that mobo, so am goin to RMA the card...am out of clues
  4. ok, i RMA the card tomorrow i will take another one...thnx for helping me out

    btw how to mark the thread as it solved..i cant find the button of the best answer :P
  5. The thread was started as a "Discussion" instead of a "Question" so there is no solved button.

    Sorry mal, no badge for you! :kaola:
  6. hahahaha....soz about that guys hehe
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