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Upgraded gx60 to 1 gig recognized upgrade ok. Computer has started running very slow and choppy. Taskman says CPU usage stays between 60 - 100% with nothing at all running. It shows 30 processes none drawing much use except for the taskman itself which is drawing between 50-80% at any given time.what could cause this excessive strain it the slow choppy running. This machine ought to fly. 2 ghz. Intel celeron 2 stepping. 1 gig ram
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  1. I assume that you have windows XP. I have a similarly aged laptop that has similar specs. You should replace it with a new machine because it will never be fast. It should not fly with speed if it is running an old, single core P4 based Celeron like I think it is. My laptop has a P4 at 2.4GHz instead of a Celeron so it is at least decent for web browsing but I don't know why you expect it to be fast.

    Things you can try wold be
    1. running hard drive defrags until it doesn't decrease fragmentation anymore.
    2. Delete any and all files you don't use anymore.

    Just remember that no matter what you do that machine is not going to be fast and may not be tolerable regardless of how hard you try. Your best option would be to get a new computer. If you do make sure you don't get stuck with a Celeron, they are Intels slowest CPUs.
  2. Yeah.. I figured that much out. Thanks for the response.. we used it for target practice over the weekend. So I ain't much worried about it no more.. thanks again
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