Powercom hd5770 doesn't get detected in windows 7

My Powercolor HD5770 PCI-E gets detected properly in windows XP and works perfectly, but it fails to get detected in windows 7. I downloaded latest drivers from AMD-ATI's website, but that doesn't solve the detection issue. The graphic card is detected as standard VGA in windows 7 and it doesn't give ideal resolution required for 22" Samsung LCD monitor, which is 1900+.

I will appreciate possible solutions for this. Thanks in advance

Hari Baldawa
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  1. Are you sure you downloaded and installed the vga drivers for win 7 ?
    If windows doesn't detect its a driver issue.
  2. 55Range said:
    Are you sure you downloaded and installed the vga drivers for win 7 ?
    If windows doesn't detect its a driver issue.

    Thanks a lot. I know it is a software driver issue. I tried downloading drivers thrice. Even the drivers in original cd with this card didn't help. I will do clean install of windows 7 and try instaling drivers. Keep you posted on this.
  3. Np-
    Good luck -
  4. Quote:
    wipe all previous drivers clean and start over.
    even if you have to reboot into safe mode and delete old drivers or use clean sweep.
    this time let win7 installer and windows update do the install, it will pick out the drivers and install them for you.
    then likely tell you that you need to restart computer for changes to take affect..

    I will do clean windows install and try. Thanks a lot.
  5. Quote:
    you can try the card back in XP to test to see if it's working.
    if not working then you will know it's the card that's now bad and not the compatibility with win7.
    i have a hd5770 but not powercolor in win7, so it does work.

    In winxp it is working beautifully with best possible performance. But windows 7 I am struggling to get drivers installed, which is not happening. I tried with original CD, drivers from ATI-AMD's site and Powercolor's site. I will check once again with clena windows 7 install and post on this thread. Thanks.
  6. This is not a problem if you put it inside and is working with vga driver without a problem you can install the driver later make sure is the latest 10.10 go to:
  7. Thanks Malmental, Griatrakis, 5srang and others. Some software was creating problem. Clean reinstallation solved my problem. Sorry for the delay in response and reply for your suggestions, because I was not in hurry to change to windows 7 from my smoothly working windows 7.
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