Difference between these 3 models? XFX 5770s

Hey guys, I was just curious what the difference between these 3 models are. They're really similar in price, but I believe they all have different cooling?

What other differences?

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  1. The cooling on each card is different and the second option is a single slot card whereas the 1st and 3rd are double slot.
  2. I understand the cooling is different, it's pretty apparent just by looking at it, any other major differences?
  3. None that means life or death, interestingly the single slot card requires a 50w stronger PSU than the double slot cards.

    Go for the left hand one, it will be the quietest of the three.
  4. The far right one is the original spec release with a full shroud so the hot air is exhausted through the back of the case but restricts some airflow around the card itself so will run slightly hotter itself while keeping case temps a bit lower

    far left is 2nd version with a refined cooler and more airflow around the card so will run cooler but will raise case temps a bit so works better in a good case with good airflow

    middle card is single slot and newest model (PCI-e 2.1 vs PCI-e 2.0) - haven't really seen much feedback on this version but according to XFX :

    It sports a uniquely designed fansink, with a 15% greater total
    heatpipe surface area than the HD 5770 dual slot. This single slot fansink is also up to 23.5 dB quieter
    than the HD 5770 dual slot. In addition, dust levels are kept down to a minimum with IP-5X dust
    protection standard.

    Though with the 6850 performing much better for only $40 - $50 more I'd probably go with it over any of the 5770 models unless I was adding a second to an existing system ! (since it has the 256bit memory bus and performs much better)
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