Corsair Memory 600 watt power supply work on atholan dual core ANSWER

Hello, I planing on getting the Corsair Memory 600 watt power supply for my computer so i may upgrade my graphics card. I plan on getting the the amd readeon 5670. The title states it is compatible with the Core I7 and Core I5. The processor on my computer would be an AMD Athlon(TM) II 245 dual-core processor.

So my only question is, will this work with my computer. The computer itself is a HP Pavilion p6700z series desktop with 500gb hard drive, 3gb memory, and windows 7 home premium 64-bit

Thanks for answer, much appreciated
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  1. the "Core I7 and Core I5" label is a marketing sticker, it will work with any modern day (and most old day) CPUs just like yours. frankly 600w is overkill for the ati 5670. if you have a 300w PSU, you can probably run that card or simply get a higher performance card.
  2. If i do get this card, will it fit in a pci-ex16 slot. I only ask because I'm seeing one on youtube and it seems to have a lot of those gold bars on the bottom, more than two. The computer i want to upgrade is a HP Pavilion p6700z series desktop with 500gb of hard drive and 3gb of ram.

    As for the stock power supply, i do not know, but i would guess it would have a psu of 300 to 400 watts as i heard most modern computers come with psu of that wattage.

    please answer, thanks a lot
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