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Generic (USB) Audio Error!

Hello there,

I just bought newly installed power supplies on my computer from a tech store. when it came back, my audio device shown as Generic (USB) Audio instead of just audio device, even though there's a sound wave up and down, but there are no sounds to it. And my Audio is a on-board Audio device, is there anyways to change it back to the way it was? or was it a hardware problem that the tech plug it wrong? I double checked that the on-board audio from the bios is on.
My mother board is a Asus Amd M2N SLI. Since the tech installed a new win7 on my computer so I installed a new sound driver c-media on it. I don't know is it win7 software problem or is a sound driver itself.
please help me out, Thanks in Advance!
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  1. Hi Frozenized,

    Is it this one? It doesn't have official support for W7,

    Only one driver for W7 here,,,
  2. Try it in the compatibility mode. Whoever was the installer, didn't do a good job to check if its compatible with your mobo.

    Remove the driver before installing the driver again. Also try the Win. update when the old driver is gone...
  3. Another option would be a cheapo sound card like this one, Win7 compatible.
  4. Thank you I will try it right away thanks
  5. Good luck!
  6. That's the one!
  7. The Driver cannot be found under error 404
  8. Should I format and re-install windows?
  9. Not yet, I am looking for another link or better driver : )
  10. Thank you so much for your effort!
  11. You're welcome.
  12. BTW, do u have a x32 or x64bit windows?
  13. how do I check?
  14. 64bits operating system?
  15. Go to Control panel and click System.
  16. 64bits operating system. looks like c-media drivers are all down, and it's all from taiwan.
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  18. The download link works, but the sound couldn't detect it. So I did something off the chart, to uninstall the sound. so I end up without any sound. Then disable the USB Hub device I think that was the part bugging me. And try to install the drivers that you told me to. but the computer couldn't recognize the driver. then, I tried on my motherboard cd. which was saying errors when I tried installed. After restarting computer, and the sound came back, but with lots of crack/bass crack noise at the end of each sound tests. I'm going to do a double check of "shut it down and reboot computer to see if it still works. For the record I know your answer will work for most cases. Thank you so much for helping me through this! Appreciate it!
  19. The sound works now, but with a little problem. It has an echo.
  20. though it still display as speaker(usb)
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  22. Sorry to hear that Frozenized, I'll look for USB drivers yet, but did u tried the windows update?
  23. Thanks for the vote : )
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