New build; opinions please!

Hi there;
I actually already ordered everything...but im wondering what everyone's opinons are on what im getting. I was in a hurry because school starts again soon and i just knocked over and broke my laptops display so I decided to build a desktop...something I have not done for years; but something I have been planning to do again soon....

anyway; here's what i ordered. I hope I didn't goof up in the sense of compatability or something....anyone have any opinions or see anything wrong?







Video card


Im hoping it will be a mid to higher level gaming computer...... think im bottle necking anything?

Thanks for any input!
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  1. I would go with the rosewill challenger case ($54.99 w/free shipping at newegg). The one you chose has too much plastic in the front, and will get scratched and banged up over time. The price is too high for it's quality. I would also select a retail boxed hardrive just for the extra protection during shipping. It will reduce your risk of a doa drive.
  2. Storm Scout or HAF922 case.

    1090T CPU

    These would have covered you for a 2nd card also and are better quality than the Rosewill
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