Is this a good gamming set up

Found a system over at Fox Technologys. Will this game ok.

i5-2500 sandy bridge @3.3
asus p67sata micro atx mb
gigabyte 460 1 gb

I have read that the cpu is a good cpu. I have a i7-975 in my other pc. How does the i5-2500 compair. Thanks
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  1. stick with your 975 it is probably about as fast or faster than the i5-2500 depending on its clock (at stock or what)
  2. +1, from an i7 975 to i5 2500 is not a good jump,... Also the 975 would easily hold for gaming for a long time to come,... You should look at upgrading your graphics card,...

    If you want to upgrade, then wait for the LGA 2011 socket CPUs(the replacement of the LGA 1366 socket CPUs)
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