Proccesor Overheating?

Hi, So i couldn't find the thread about cooling devices so i tohught i would ask here.

So i have a Phenon x4 965 BE
and i know their power hungry but what i can't seem to understand is that it idle's at 43c
and under a load it gets dangerously close to 60's sometimes at 61.
I have liquid cooling but i have no idea what type of make and modelit is, it didn't come with a manual or anything like that. Was wondering if it was the thermal paste in it or is it just a crapy cooler. As i said i have no idea what type it is and anyway of know i took off the case and their isn't anything labeled on it, but i was wondering if anyone could help me with this thankyou.

Phenom x4 965 BE
Gigabyte 770T-USB3
4G DDR3 1333
500 Watt Apevia
Radeon HD5570
Liquid Cooling = Unknown

Actaully just looked, all it says is Asetek and thats it no model number.
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  1. NH-D14 will help you allot i have Q6600 overclocked 3.30Ghz (much more energy and heat from yours) and i idle in 30 C you can see the Toms hardware Tests about the Cpu coolers the results will help you:,2146.html

    The only problem is HUGE and it barely feet’s in a midi tower increasing the airflow inside the box will help you but no so much as this cpu coller see it:
  2. Do you have any idea why it would be running so hot? Even if it's a shitty brand it should still be doing it's job which is keeping it out of the danger zone.Do you know if you can access the Liquid Cooling through the computer to adjust it's speeds or make it work better?
  3. I also had the same problem when i took my new Q6600 Quad years the stock cooler wasnt enough ago the same temperature with you but have no doubt the cpu cooler I wrote will fix it and will put a smile on our face after you seen it work, the noice level is small.

    The fun part is this temperature now is bugging you will be the highest under load idle you will have 25 C see the Toms Hardware charts will also help alote.
  4. I'd like to not get a new cooler, i don't know alot about heatsinks and cooling but it's a Liquid cooling system, i thought it's the best of the best.Why i'm asking if anything could be wrong with it? I appreciate the suggestion, but i need to know whats going on with it because theirs no way a liquid cooling system should be doing so poor.It seems when i try to access the Liquid cooling system to adjust it, it's set to Passive and i can't touch it,Is their anyway around this?
  5. Liquid cooling and even Freon friendly had much worst that NH-D14 if you search Toms Hardware you will see it a friend of mine had a liquid cheap system and the q6600 was giving him over 88 c at load…..

    You can increase the airflow in your box by opening halls and put 2 NF-P12 I also did that with the HD5770 raised the temperature and my box and my cpu +1 C when I put it inside.

    Tom’s hardware cpu cooler charts helped me allot before I made a choice and their results are verified by me.
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