Which one is a better deal? MSI Hawk 5770, vs Sapphire


Seems like there are no cons

It has 2 fans instead of 1, PCI-E 2.1 instead of 2.0, 875 core clock vs 850

Also, it says the mem clock is 4800 MHz vs the other which is 1200 MHz

Isn't this a HUGE difference?
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  1. The MSI HAWK is a factory OC'ed card and would give you better performance, while the Sapphire is just a poor old reference card. So cant compare both of them I suggest the HAWK on this. If you are not too comfortable with Oc'ing yourself.

    This card from Sapphire may come close:

    There was a Toxic version from Sapphire dont know where it is now. It was also a Factory OC'ed card.
  2. the 2 fans could help with cooling. pci-e 2.1 vs pci-e 2.0 makes no difference, 2.1 has compatibility issues with 1.0 pci-e slots though. the 25 extra core clock could be easily reached with overclocking. the memory clock of both are 4800mhz.
  3. What do you "poor old reference" card?
  4. That card looks really cruddy...
  5. if you want a factory overclocked card then get this gigabyte. core clock is at 900mhz.

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